God Will Carry You

March 30, 2014


Last week a friend sent me a reminder of Scott Wesley Brown’s song, “He Will Carry You”. It is such a beautiful song that soothes the soul, a restful song that reminds us of the hope, the peace, and the rest we have in our Savior.

Here is the link I liked best at which to listen:

I would encourage everyone to listen to other songs by Scott Wesley Brown. His songs were very instrumental to me in my college years. I thank the Lord for using his ministry in my life.

Another link I’m posting today, is the song “People Need The Lord”, being sung, I believe, by Steve Green. Though it is an old song as well, I encourage everyone to view these heartbreaking pictures while meditating on what the Lord’s will is for each of us toward helping the multitudes of hurting people throughout the world. May it compel us to go out everywhere, showing Christ’s love and compassion and mercy. Here is that link:


with love,


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