Being Delivered From Entrapment

March 28, 2014

Being trapped is awful but the feelings that go with such a predicament are probably just as wretched –fear, anger, confusion, hopelessness… The entrapment may be a sinful habit that remains intact, a financial debt that refuses to recede, a job that never offers a promotion, an abusive relationship that won’t go away, a health issue that lingers for years, a spiritual or emotional hole that seems only to deepen, or some other sort of merry-go-round, tread mill, or downward spiral that creates only more and more inner gloom and chaos.

But, is there not a Savior? And is He not God, the awesome, all-mighty God who is fully capable of delivering those who cry out to Him for help? Absolutely! Then we must cry out. And when we do, we must then listen to His instructions. We must turn from all known sin and negativism and turn to the Living Words of Him who does good to those who run to Him.

If we cannot even open the Book of Wisdom and Instructions which the Lord has provided and preserved throughout the centuries for mankind, then why should we expect the King to do miracles on our behalf? If we are too lazy and rebellious to do that one step –to read His Word and ask for revelation, wisdom, and guidance– then why should God be obligated to instruct us? If we cannot renounce the sins we know displease Him, ask Him to shield us from temptation, and make the choice to toss away the avenues of those temptations… if we cannot fill our minds with His Word, fill our hearts and lips with gratitude and praise to Him, fill our hands with service unto others, and fill our days with deliberate acts of kindness, then God does not commit Himself to being our Refuge and Helper. (Ps. 50:16,17) And without Him, we will most certainly continue the downward slide. We will eventually end up hollow, even devastated and in irrevocable despair.

However, for those who do cry out to God, who do humble themselves, renounce their sins, seek God and His way in His Word… for those who do listen, and for those who do wait for God to speak and instruct… for those who do not jump ahead of His guidance but listen intently and obey just what He says, following the specifics, there is great reward. There is comfort, there is peace, there is spiritual growth, and there is deliverance. By turning to God and walking obediently on His righteous road –even if the promised deliverance takes much longer than we expect, the deliverance does come. It may even look different or be different than we had initially envisioned, but we will see that God’s solution turns out to be way better than ours.

Pr. 11:6 says, “The righteousness of the upright delivers them, but the unfaithful are trapped by evil desires.” If we see that we are trapped in something, we need to understand that we very likely came to that place through our own sinful desires. Therefore, the first step in our deliverance is to repent. We must cry out to God for forgiveness first, and then for deliverance, asking Him for help, instruction, and guidance, for patience and peace as we wait, for wisdom and the ability to hear His voice, and for strength and the determination to obey. We must ask to be filled daily with His Spirit, and so that He grants this, we must fill ourselves with His Word and be obedient to it. Then we will walk in righteousness –that righteousness that leads to the deliverance from all that was trying to keep us trapped.

with love,

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