To Sin Is To Abide In Death

March 27, 2014

Sin is Death. Christ Jesus is Life. To sin (which is to obey sin) is to abide in Death. (Rom. 6:21,23 & 7:9-14,24 // 1 John 3:8) To obey Christ is to walk in Life. (John 8:51 // Heb. 5:9) We cannot walk in both Death and Life at the same time, for they are two separate realms that oppose each other. To vacillate between the two is to be unfaithful. Being that unfaithfulness is sin, the vacillator remains in Death. Therefore “straddling the fence” is a concept that holds no legitimacy, for such a thing is also unfaithfulness, thus sin, and thus Death.

We’ve all been in Death, because we’ve all sinned. (Rom. 3:23) Moreover, we’ve all been prisoners of sin and chained in Death. But Jesus came to earth, paid the ransom, and has, by His victory over sin and Death, demolished the walls of confinement. Every human being is completely free to walk out. This is done by looking up in true faith, setting one’s eyes on the Savior, and pledging full faithfulness to Him while confessing and renouncing all sin.

Sadly, most people are being taught that they can believe the Good News while not really believing the whole Message. They are being taught that they can be ransomed by Jesus from Death, but not ransomed from all sin. The multitudes of false teachers out there are teaching people that it is okay to grab up as much sin as they want and still walk out of the Death camp, holding Jesus’ hand. This is the counterfeit gospel.

No, Jesus does not ransom anyone who will not let go of sin. Sin has to stay behind, and the person looking to Jesus must be willing to not only transfer citizenship, but be willing to walk INTO Christ. There –IN Christ– there is no provision for sin. Sin cannot be brought into Christ, for God hates sin and will not dwell with it. There must be a cleansing, and the cleansing is not so that people may claim the cleansing and then pick up their bundle of sin again. Absolutely not. The bundle of sin must be left behind, or there has been no actual cleansing. Baptism –going under the water and coming up from it– is the symbol of what the cleansing is: A death to the old sinful life and a full commitment to the new holy life which comes by abiding in Christ.

If a person abiding in Life does sin, what has happened? It is that they have turned to look at sin, and in so doing, have turned from looking at Christ. (Heb. 3:12) By turning to gaze at or partake in sin, such a man has turned from gazing at and partaking of Christ. By blocking the flow of unity with the Savior, he has halted his growth in faith. Such a man “is nearsighted and blind, and has forgotten that he has been cleansed from his past sins.” (2 Peter 1:9)

If a person abiding in Life sins, it is as if he is building a wall between himself and Christ. Sin separates us from God (Isa. 59:2 // Heb. 12:14), so the wall-building must be repented of and the bricks of sinfulness thrown away. If this is done, all is well. There is forgiveness and there is again an unhindered flow of unity. Just as in any relationship, the construction of a wall can be continued or broken down. If it is continued, the sinning person is headed for a “fall from his secure position.” (See 2 Peter 3:17) Due to his negligence to produce good fruit (which is a product of remaining in Christ), he will perish. (John 15:2,6) For unless a person repents, he will die spiritually and end up under the eternal wrath of God. (same verses // Luke 13:5 // Rom. 8:13 // Heb. 10:26-31)

People need to be told the true Gospel and told that they must make a very real choice: That if they want salvation from an eternity in Death, they must renounce all sinfulness, turn from it with finality, and abide in Christ by being fully, faithfully, and lovingly submitted to His leadership.

with love,

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