Tell Them Gay Musings Are Unacceptable

March 26, 2014

Considering the kinds of “Christian” counseling much of Christendom adheres to, I would like us to contemplate these questions and how we should answer them:

When a man, especially when a professing-Christian man (or any person), confesses that he is sexually attracted to others of the same sex, namely that he has gay thoughts, what should he be told?

Here’s another question: If a man, any man, or any person, confesses to you that he is having sexual thoughts about your own spouse, what should you tell that person?

Another question: If a man, any man, or any person, confesses that he is having sexual thoughts toward your six year old, what should you tell him?

One last question: If a man, any man, or any person, confesses that he is having thoughts about killing you, any of your family members, or a particular neighbor or co-worker, what should that man be told?

I venture to point out by presenting these gross but unavoidable questions, that concerning the last three, any thinking person would command that the person confessing such thoughts stop his perverse and evil musings immediately and that if he would not, or could not, he must be exposed to the police as a threat to society.

In other words, I am pointing out that there are certain non-politically-correct contemplations that are viewed intolerable, that certain “struggles of the mind” are considered completely unacceptable, and that anyone having such thoughts are indeed to be shunned or put behind bars.

But what about the first question?

For some reason –that reason actually being that society no longer considers it taboo to entertain gay thoughts– the first question’s answer (by most people) would likely be very different than the answers for the other three. Instead of commanding a person to quit the perverse thoughts or have jail time, counselors often coddle and comfort and reward those who admit they are struggling with homosexual thoughts. (Most counselors do the same for anyone struggling with a sin that is socially acceptable.)

Such counsel, though, should not be given! Just as in the case of those referred to in my last three questions above, so should all other sins be deemed intolerable for those who claim to belong to Christ. Any transgression against God’s Law of Holiness is to be renounced and thrown away. If we would tell pedophiles, thieves, and murderers that Jesus sets everyone free of sin, and if we would insist to them that they must come into that freedom and walk there consistently, then why are counselors being so sweet and tolerant and easy on gays, on fornicators, and on others whose sins are not condemned by worldly people? Is not all sin abhorrent to God? Yes, it is.

Then counselors who say they love God and His laws need to tell every sinner that their sin is completely unacceptable and that it must be immediately renounced and eradicated. And they must explain to them that the Good News really is a message of absolute freedom from sin and its power, applicable for everyone who truly believes and puts their trust in Jesus, the Savior.

with love,

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