Hate What Is Evil & False

March 25, 2014

Rom. 12:9 says, “Hate what is evil.” Yet many people, even so-called “Christians”, behave as if they love what is evil. Indulging in sinfulness and adhering to falsehoods, they reveal what they love and hate. Displaying malice toward those who walk in righteousness and truth, they show that they hate what is good. Practicing deceit and speaking with pride, they uncover that they love evil more than they love good (Ps. 52:1-3), that they love falsehood and lies more than speaking the truth. (v. 3)

Why do some people love what is evil and hate what is good? It’s because they want others hurt, harmed, even destroyed, and this so that they might be, or at least appear, powerful. (Ps. 52:2,3,7) Or it is simply because, in seeing their own evil actions, they are jealous of those whose actions God considers good. (1 John 3:12) Surprisingly however, even though their foolishness and disgrace is obvious to God (Ps. 52:1), to those who are righteous (v. 6,7), and sometimes even to themselves (Rom. 1:32), those who practice what is evil continue to boast. (Ps. 52:1 // Rom. 1:22 & 2:17-24)

But… those who love the Lord hate evil (Ps. 97:10), and as Pr. 13:5 says of them, “The righteous hate what is false.”

So how do we know who God’s true people are? It is those who love good and who hate all that is false and evil.

And how do we know who remains in the camp of the devil? It is those who, either blatantly, or through their arrogance, deceit, and refusal to cling to what is good and true (Rom. 12:9 // 2 Thes. 2:10-12), do not hate what is evil and false, as God’s Word commands of us to do, but instead insist that everyone must tolerate, or even embrace, those things which God abhors.

There are two camps and only two. There are those who hate what is evil and false, and there are those who do not. Which one we adhere to reveals who our leader is and where we will spend eternity.

with love,

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