Catholicism Does Teach Marian Worship

March 23, 2014

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I believe you are the one who is misinformed. Catholics do pray to and worship Mary all over the world and are encouraged to do so by their leaders and by one another. To deny this is to be in denial. But, apparently, Catholics are being taught how to deny this obvious fact, being that it is common knowledge that invoking other gods is anathema according to Scripture. (Ex. 23:13) Thus Satan leads them to commit idolatry against God while whispering to them that they are not committing any such thing. What deception Catholics are submitting themselves to!

To deny, as you do, that a giving of devotion to Mary is not a giving of allegiance to her (being that the word allegiance is a synonym for the word devotion, as are the words loyalty, admiration, and commitment) is simply a deception you have chosen to embrace.

Here are just three quotes you and your friends may want to ponder:
1. “Mary is the perfect Orans prayer, a figure of the Church. When we pray to her, we are adhering with her to the plan of the Father” (Catechism 2679)

2. Pope Pius IX in 1854 “Let all the children of the Catholic Church … Proceed to worship, invoke, and pray to the most blessed Virgin Mary, mother of God. ”

3. Pope John Paul II said, “It is possible to understand the authentic meaning of Marian worship in the ecclesial community … which furthermore is based on the will of Christ” (Vatican Information Service, May 7, 1997).

Here too are some very informative sites that show that Catholics do pray to, praise, revere, bow down to, and worship Mary:

With this last link, first scroll down to the red and the yellow highlighted statements taken straight from the mouths of Catholic writers, even popes, proving that they worship, and promote worship, to Mary.

“Momwise”, the Lord does scoff at the wicked who continue to refuse His Truth. (Ps. 2:4 & 37:13) If He leads us to do this by His Spirit to try to awaken deniers, then we must do so, though yes, most mockery being done over blogs is obviously not of God.

Okay, I am now finished with all discussion with Catholics, along with anyone else who is irate, untruthful, and/or argumentative. I have other things to write about, and unless people want to give mature and cordial questions or comments, I will likely send them to “Trash”. I will also add that those who have commented here over the last week are no longer welcome to comment here. They have proven themselves unable to converse acceptably.


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