Truth & False Cannot Mix Legitimately

March 22, 2014

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Recent commenters,
Christ did not come to proclaim reconciliation between what is true and what is false, but to set free from the Lie everyone who, by faith, chooses to step into the Truth and live there. Those who do abide in the Truth find unity and fellowship with others who have done this, and with God. (1 John 1:7)

Those who have chosen to remain in the darkness (the Lie / falsehoods / that which is contrary to the teachings in God’s Word), have chosen to remain outside of Christ’s love. (John 15:10) For a person to feign sweetness, peace, unity, tolerance, and love toward those who are outside of Christ’s love, and thus outside of His saving grace, and thus hurtling toward the fires of Hell, is for that “sweet” person to reveal that she has in her heart only a very false love, even an evil and deceptive love.

Because of love and concern for their children, parents discipline them. Because of Christ’s love in His servants, we rebuke, even sharply (Titus 1:13 & 2:15), those who deny, in opposition to the proof of it found in God’s Word, that they or others, due to sin or false doctrine, are walking the broad road that leads to eternal death. (Mt. 7:13,14 // Gal. 1:6-9 & 6:8)

Salvation and damnation are not issues to take lightly. They are infinitely more crucial than discussing what may cure physical cancer. For a group to teach that a particular way of believing and conducting oneself is an acceptable (or only) way of eternal salvation, but it does not match what the Word of God says is the only Way, then the members of that group are being exceedingly wicked. Concerning everyone who does know the Truth, yet who remains quiet when they see others believing a falsehood which will destroy their souls, is also exceedingly wicked. But, of course, wickedness in everyone, and damnation for everyone, is what the devil wants. I, for one, will have zero to do with his wishes, and so I will continue to boldly proclaim the Truth to everyone who will listen.

Concerning Jennifer’s offer to buy me a book about why we should give our allegiance to Mary, I ask, has she read The Book of Mormon through? How about one about Satan-worship? If not, how does she know those “ways” are not the Truth? The “necessity” sounds silly, doesn’t it? There are so many falsehoods and counterfeits in the world that it would take eons to read them all, but is it necessary? Of course not. There is no need to read lies in order to know the Truth. Only the Truth, the Real, needs to be studied. Then one will come to know the Truth, and the Teacher of the Truth, so well, that discerning a lie that is told (or taught) becomes a very simple task.

Concerning the video which Michelle has given to us to watch, and for anyone who would like help in discerning the Lie there, here is a better link: The time 12:12 to 16:09 on this video is especially informative as we are given numerous doctrines of the Catholic church and how they are in opposition to what the Word of God teaches. Anyone who listens objectively to this information, and anyone who cares about the Truth found in God’s Word, will realize that an acceptance of Catholicism’s false doctrines is completely impossible.


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