Debilitating Rest Versus Strengthening Rest

March 16, 2014

Jesus tells us to go to Him and we will find rest. (Mt. 11:28-30) God’s Word, throughout, tells us to take refuge only in the Lord. Indeed, only in the Creator, the Healer, the Redeemer, is our place of true and lasting repose. (Isa. 28:12)

No matter how restful something appears to be, if it is not filled with the presence of the Lord, it is only a mirage. It may give hope, and therefore infuse some strength to go on, but mirages, once encountered, are nothing. No help, no refreshing, no life. Their existence, along with their great promises, amount to absolutely zero.

Sadly, even when a mirage is found to be a fake, many people, fatigued though they are, simply scan the horizon for another. And another can almost always soon be seen. For we live in a world that is full of deception, a world that is led by the father of deception, and a world that is inhabited by men who delight in their ability to deceive.

Why won’t people go to Jesus? Why do they plod wearily through the sand dunes, expecting to find an oasis of paradise somewhere beyond? Why won’t they learn that the cisterns are broken and hold no water? (Jer. 2:13) Why do they continue to trust that the gleam ahead is the palace of their promised prosperity?

The truth is, there is nothing beyond. Except pain, misery, and death. Even if they should find what they’re looking for, one day they awake to realize that they were merely dreaming, and that the dream was the kind that comes to a man nearing death.

If only Jesus’ words were believed! He is the only rest, the only existence of Life. Everyone must come to Him, step into Him, abide in Him. Yes, it is a striving. (Heb. 4:11) But as we strive, we are given His strength. And being strengthened, we receive, and experience, true rest. Rest to the soul, rest to the body, rest to the spirit, rest to the mind, rest to one’s whole being. Helped, refreshed, rested. Through Jesus. In Jesus. This is the Rest that saves.

with love,

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