How We Are To Speak, Preach, & Dialogue

March 15, 2014

God’s servants are to spread the Truth. This will involve shining the Light (Jesus / the Truth) on all that is of the darkness (Eph. 5:13,14) so that all that is fruitless and shameful will be exposed. (v. 11,12) Once everything is exposed, people can then make informed choices, choose to wake up from their dead state, and be reconciled to Christ. (v. 13,14)

Jesus who is the Light and the Truth is also the Word of God. Therefore, it is the Word of God which we must use to expose the true from the false, and to do this, correction and rebuke is often necessary. (2 Tim. 3:16 & 4:2-4) However, though we are to tear down every idol we can (Ex. 23:24 // Dt. 7:5) and uncover idolatry and sin, we are not to tear down people’s character or abuse the humans themselves. Unfortunately, it appears that many people do not know the difference.

Below are some very good messages –some from Israeliteindeed, and some from Hoshiana. Most were written this week, but I added two others because I felt that they were exceptional. All of them are about how we are to speak, preach, and dialogue. Here are the links:

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