God’s Most Highly Esteemed Confidant

March 13, 2014

Are you in need? Do you have prayer requests? Bring them to my friend. She knows God well. She dwells with God. She is God’s closest confidant. If you bring your prayer requests to her, she will take them to God, discuss them with Him, and He will listen to her.

I can inform you of this confidant of God’s –this woman who was born without sin, never sinned, never physically died, and though she is in Heaven now, hears all prayers directed her way. But you must know that she is to be approached with respect, honor, praise, and worship. It would be good to learn how to laud her and extol her for her goodnesses and grace, for her willingness to help and to listen to people’s petitions, and for her ability to get one’s prayers answered. It would be good to preface each request to her with several minutes devoted to the expression of honoring and thanking her for who and what she is to the world. Oh, and while you speak to her, it’s best to be rubbing beads on a string.

Bringing your prayer requests to this friend of mine is more efficient than trying to get God’s attention without her intercessory action. God is very busy because He is God. Since this friend I am speaking of is human, she is therefore more on our level, even though she actually has never sinned. But of course that’s what makes her so pleasing to God and He thus does not refuse her wishes. Yes, it is a good idea to get to know this woman and to direct one’s petitions to her. She will not only get the answers coming, but she will comfort and console you, guide you and speak to you. It will bring you wonder and delight to achieve a personal relationship with her.

Being that this wonderful woman belongs to a particular organization, it would also help you to join that organization. They will help explain things to you about God, His Son, the organization, authority and submission, and of course about God’s chosen and esteemed confidant. Moreover, besides learning to better express your praise and petitions, you will learn the teachings of the early Church Fathers, learn about holy days, when to fast, and why, and share in the weekly experience of eating and drinking Christ’s real body and blood.

“Children, are you in need? Then bring your requests to me. I have direct access to God at all times, and I lovingly care for all those who come to me. I will listen to you, I will answer you, and I will get your petitions granted.” Such consolations come from the lips of this dear Mother of God.

Sigh. Okay. I’m done with the tongue-in-cheek dramatization. But I believe it can be seen that, although Catholics often insist that they do not pray to Mary or worship her, they do pray to Mary and worship her. And that although they go into all sorts of contortions of explanations, they do elevate Mary to God-like qualities and praise her for abilities that only God can do, namely hear and answer prayer. We all can see this. Except, it appears, the Catholics –and especially those who have become Catholic, but who remain, deep in their consciences, somewhat nervous about having done so. Why shouldn’t they be nervous when they know very well that the Bible forbids praying to, or worshiping, anyone except God Himself?

But, sadly, what they force themselves to wallow in is called denial. Or maybe it’s called deceit.

with love,

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