His Reasons & His Reassurances

March 12, 2014

Isn’t it true that sometimes we stop and look back on the years and think, “Wow, the Lord really had me go through some weird things, some hard things.” And we stand in awe of Him, of His hand, His gentle, caring hand, that Voice of comfort He gave, the amazing joy He bestowed… all within the midst of huge upheaval and, had we not had our eyes directly on Jesus, events usually considered confusing and traumatic.

Then we start to wonder, “But if God had me go through all that –why? Hmmmm… could it be that my heart was that unyielding, that prone to stubbornness… that nothing less would have been able to humble me, been able to break my heart open so that He could wash out the sinfulness there, been able to open my eyes to His beautiful Truth, or been able to motivate my desire to find the Real Refuge?” And we kind of feel sad… sad that we maybe, in God’s eyes, were so hardened, so un-Christlike, so foolish, so immature, so filthy.

But then God’s voice, that faithful Voice, speaks to us. He tells us that we do not need to know all the reasons He sent us through those deep valleys. He reassures us that for all the reasons He Himself knows about, He certainly, we should understand, did it because He found us worthwhile. He saw something in us that was moldable… He believed in our potential… –that we could become one of His usable instruments… Now that’s definitely comforting, is it not?

with love,

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