For All The Arrogant, The Lord Has A Day Planned

March 11, 2014

The LORD Almighty has a day planned for all the proud and mighty; for all who are exalted –they will be humiliated. (Isa. 2:12) Instead of worshiping and trusting God, the arrogance of men leads them to worship and trust whatever they want, often that being a product of their own making. (v. 8 // Hab. 2:18) It may be a statue, but then again, it may be their landscaped, renovated home, a business they’ve built, or a name they’ve acquired for themselves. “Guilty men, whose own strength is their god” (Hab. 1:11) are among these idolators.

Why do so many people walk in pride? Because, for a time, they get away with their greed and their oppression toward others. (Hab. 2:4,5) Piling up stolen goods (v. 6), the proud man “makes himself wealthy by extortion.” (same verse) By plotting the ruin of others (v. 10), the insolent one continues to build his kingdom through injustice (v.9), too foolish to see that he is not only shaming his house (v. 10), but forfeiting his life. (same verse) On he goes, rejoicing and burning incense to his dragnet. (1:15,16) But, the cup of the Lord’s wrath rushes toward him (2:16) and it will soon be his turn to stagger and be terrified. (v. 16,17)

Ps. 119:21 warns, “You [O Lord] rebuke the proud –the cursed, who stray from Your commandments.” Turning away from following God’s instructions, commands, and ways is arrogance. Arrogance, like the evil of idolatry (1 Sam. 15:23), is to reject God’s Word and to thus bring damnation upon oneself.

But evildoers are full of boasting. (Ps. 94:4) Why? Apparently it is because they are, for a season, raking in the profit from those they’ve swindled, and that feeling of power and pleasure elevates their opinion of themselves. Pouring out arrogant words (same verse), they say, “The LORD does not see; He pays no heed.” (See v. 7) But the Lord does see (v. 8-11), and taking note of the futile thoughts (v. 11) of these “senseless ones” (v. 8), “He catches the ‘wise’ in their craftiness.” (1 Cor. 3:19) Having set a trap for others, it is eventually seen that they, like all simpletons, waylay only themselves. (Pr. 1:18) “Such is the end of all who pursue profit unjustly; it takes away the lives of those who achieve it.” (v. 19)

The LORD Almighty has a day planned… A day of disgrace, calamity, and pain. (Dt. 32:22-43 // Hab. 2:16) A day of retribution. (same verses // Ps. 7:11-16 // Na. 1:2)

with love,

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