Avoid More Pain By Waiting Quietly On God

March 9, 2014

There are so many verses in God’s Word about waiting on the Lord. And truly, how important it is! For by using patience, great errors can be avoided and false assumptions can be replaced with the truth.

Is it not often that we think a certain thing is right, correct, good, or the way to go, but afterwards we see that it was our near ruin? And how often do we realize that had we not taken the matter to God, heard His check in our spirit, obeyed that check and waited –hard as it was to wait, especially when we didn’t at all understand why we had to wait– we would have incurred upon ourselves tragedy, shame, and despair?

So many people, even those who say they trust God, are grabbing at any “Rescue” that approaches them that comes with the least bit of sweetness. The fangs might very well be seen hanging out from under the hungry smile, but the hurting one, desperate for companionship or help, rejects the obvious and takes the risk. But… wolves never leave their prey intact. For the nature of the wolf is to devour.

How much better it is for us when we hurt, when we feel helpless, hopeless, devastated, lonely, angry, or grief-stricken, to run to God’s Word, call on the One who wrote the commands and promises there and who makes them pulse with Life, and then wait for His voice. There is salvation, deliverance, rescue, in the Lord, from the Lord. He is the Rock above all rocks, the High and Mighty Tower above all towers, the strong and compassionate Shepherd above all shepherds. God is God. He knows just what we need and He knows just what we feel. He knows why too. He knows if we are weak from sickness, from persecutions, or because we are harboring some sin, maybe a sin we are denying, even to ourselves, that we have. We must ask Him. Ask Him what the problem is, listen for His answer, and act accordingly.

God is compassionate. He does not “understand sin” as many try to say, but He is, most assuredly, full of mercy. Furthermore, He is completely able and available to strengthen those who are contrite and ready to change, ready to get up on their feet, ready to wait for His solution, and ready to serve Him with gusto as they wait.

Lam. 3:26 says, “It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD.” It’s good… this verse tells us. This means that it’s the right thing to do. And beneficial. –Profitable for God’s Kingdom and purposes, as well as for us and others. But the verse also tells us that this goodness comes by waiting in a certain manner. In a quiet manner. Waiting quietly means waiting calmly, trustingly, and without murmuring. To wait accompanied by complaints, whether in word or in attitude, is not to be waiting correctly, and to not wait correctly, is to displease God. The Hebrews declined the importance of this and so were killed in the desert by the destroying angel (1 Cor. 10:10), an event written down to warn us that grumbling proves a heart of rebellion, impatience, and unbelief. (v. 11 // Heb. 3:7-4:11)

Let us trust that God saves. Let us believe that our Shepherd cares for His sheep as He says He does. Let us remember that quiet patience is what God expects His trusting ones to exhibit and walk in. Let us retain the wisdom our past patience has taught us –that falsehoods and pain can be largely avoided by simply waiting on God.

with love,

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