Never Neglect To Proclaim Him

March 7, 2014

We are to proclaim God’s wonderful acts all across the globe. (1 Ch. 16:8,9) Are we doing so? We are to tell of His love and His faithfulness and remind the peoples of the earth how profound are His thoughts. (Ps. 92:2,5) In the hearing of the nations we are to shout and sing with joy to the Lord, the Mighty and Holy King who loves justice. (98:4 & 99:4,5 // 1 Ch. 16:23-31) We are to broadcast the perfect character of God –that “there is no wickedness in Him.” (Ps. 92:15) Are we doing these things?

If we are not advertising God across the earth with consistency and boldness, and in line with the Truth, why not? Are we ashamed of God? Are we afraid? What of? Our reputations? Or are we just too busy? Or is it that we ourselves do not actually know God, His ways, or what He has said?

Whatever our reasons for not declaring God –His character, His works, His salvation, His judgements, His mercies, and His Truth– to a world that sits in darkness, a world that remains shackled by evil and sin, a world that gasps in death… is to disobey God’s numerous commands to do so. Remaining quiet or timid when people shriek with fear, when they groan in such hopelessness that they are willing to run to chaos rather than lay in that “overwhelming nothingness”, is to act with wicked negligence. Even a worldling’s heart is moved to call 911 when someone is seen to be in danger or wounded. But God’s (supposed) ambassadors often glance quickly away and, tiptoeing around the sufferer (Luke 10:31,32), they instead head for the party hall, or the mall, or their church.

What insensitivity! What selfishness! What greed! “It’s all about me” still, isn’t it? Well, Jesus said some things about that –that those who try to preserve Self or who use up time attending to spiritually dead things (Luke 9:23-25,57-62) are not fit to be called His. (same verses & 14:33) Their negligence to give themselves (their hearts and their lives) whole-heartedly and forever to Christ –to His glory and to His mission– is to act in rebellion, unbelief, and/or embarrassment concerning Christ and His words. (9:23-26) To disobey Christ’s Leadership is to reject or disown Christ as one’s Lord. (Mt. 7:21 // 2 Tim. 2:12 // Jude 1:4) It is to forfeit one’s soul. (Luke 9:25,26)

Let us remind each other then, that love for God is to proclaim Him –to proclaim Him boldly, always at the leading of, and under the control of, the Spirit, and, while never neglecting any chance we get, to be doing this everywhere, even to the most remote regions of the earth, including the most sinful, dark areas of our own city.

with love,

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