Worshiping God By Watching Squirrels & Snowflakes

March 3, 2014

Early this morning there were tiny snowflakes jumping around through the air. And when the sun, which kept briefly peeking out from behind heavy clouds, would hit them, it looked like millions of brilliant diamonds dancing. It was so pretty.

A few days ago, again in the very early morning as I sat reading my Bible in the living room, and intermittently looking up, deep in thought, to gaze out the sliding glass door to the back yard, I saw a squirrel. Now, squirrels are extremely common here, but as I watched this particular squirrel, I begin to worship, praise, and thank God for squirrels and especially that I had the privilege of watching them often. Yes, I know this sounds mundane, but it’s not. Here’s why:

How many people in the world do NOT have the joy of watching a squirrel? The little guy sat like a statue for a while, then suddenly itched his chin with his back leg (making me laugh) and then scurried down the wooden fence headfirst, across the lawn and up our big tree. Is it not wondrous how God made such creatures? I mean, how can the little guy climb down a fence like that? How can he jump from tree limb to tree limb almost as if he had wings? Has not the Lord made everything marvelous? He has. And I, for one, cannot help but take time to appreciate it.

But again, why was this squirrel causing in me a spring of appreciation? It was because I was thinking of all those who do not have even a squirrel to watch. Who are such people? I was thinking about those who sit in prison, even the falsely accused. My heart already pained about this concerning a family friend, I thought of the evil, the injustice, and the misery of all those who are experiencing a life void of those things we take for granted. And besides those in prison, what about those who are toiling away in basements for pennies? What about those who, due to a divorce, the death of a loved one, a missing teen, chronic abuse, or some other agonizing situation, are way too grief-stricken to even have the ability to take note of a squirrel, or for that matter, anything cute, funny, or pretty? And what about those in Hell…? In darkness forever… I must do all I can to warn people headed there… –that place where there are no squirrels to watch, that place where there is nothing good, that place where God and His blessings are completely absent.

“I appreciate that squirrel, God,” I whispered. “And I appreciate so many things I see that You’ve given me –things to enjoy, things that bring me peace and tranquility, things that make me feel loved, things that make me laugh, things You have brought to me to teach me, and so much more. Thank you for the reminder that I not take any ‘little’ thing You give for granted.” I forget all that I said, but it was the squirrel, and then again today, it was those dancing, sparkling snowflakes, that reminded me that God’s goodness is everywhere, that we should encourage each other to take note of all of it, and that we should be working hard to bring the freedom of justice and righteousness to a world that, for one reason or another, does not, or cannot, see.

Oh, that everyone would take note of God’s goodness, and take time daily to thank Him for it, worship Him for it, and tell Him how fun and loving He is to have created such an exquisite creation.

with love,

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