2 Songs Celebrating The New Life

March 2, 2014

I’ve always liked the song “Born Again” by Third Day, but I liked it even more when I viewed the pictures today that came with this link:

How extremely beautiful are the faces of those who come up out of the waters of baptism, the faces of those who have genuinely repented (died to the old life) and have just risen to live a new life! (Rom. 6:1-7 // 2 Cor. 5:17) I wept tears of joy during the whole song at their obviously immense joy, worship, and gratefulness, the face of each precious soul bringing the song’s meaning for me to an even higher level. What rejoicing the Lord God has extended to us as we comprehend the freedom He is giving us in the new birth! It’s HIS joy! And He invites all to participate in it by becoming one with Him.

This joy comes from being reconciled to our loving Maker, the One who formed us, the One who created emotions in us, desired for us to use our emotions in holiness, and made a way for fallen creatures who ruined that to be restored and walk in freedom. Being set free! –What glorious news! Being set free from the captivity and agony that Sin, Satan, Self, others, and the world system tried to crush us with! Free to think, speak, act, and be –the way God made us to think, speak, act, and be! And free to fellowship with God unhindered! People who understand this cannot help but bubble up with joy! Even those who are doing the baptizing –their faces speak volumes. The volumes of God’s amazing grace!!!

Speaking of amazing grace, below is another link to that song called “This Is Amazing Grace”. What an energizing song, and one in which the lyrics are reminding us of so many of God’s wonderful works in and toward mankind and all creation. This is a song that certainly should make us want to get up and dance in worship to the Mighty King of Glory. For indeed, how infinitely worthy of our praise is the King of kings! Here is that link:

Oh, I guess I need to add that anyone who would reprimand me about the writers or singers of this song, or any other song I’ve posted at my blog (which some irate blokes have done), and how I should have researched the artists’ (supposed or possibly) perverse or full-of-false-doctrine lives, take your gripe to God, not me. As my family knows, I am very selective about the music I listen to, but I do not base my preference on the artists (–I know almost nothing about any artist), but instead on if or how the Lord speaks to me through what I’m hearing.

Furthermore, if God chooses a particular song to vitalize people’s love, worship, or service unto Him, then those who look at that and disdain it are very likely, as in the case with Michal when she despised King David as he danced mightily before the Lord (2 Sam. 6:16), endangering their own selves before God.

But for all who take joy in seeing others happy and filled with the Spirit of Life –having hurled the death-walk out– I pray that these two songs, along with the pictures, will be inspirations for worship.

with love,

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