We Sin Every Few Seconds?

February 24, 2014

Oh, that the church would open its eyes and realize that God’s presence is not restricted to buildings (Acts 7:48), and is in fact often absent from them, even those which call themselves “A house of God”. Instead, God desires to inhabit people. For if He is allowed to do so, how conformed to Christ each individual is perfectly enabled to become.

If the Spirit of the All-mighty Creator God comes to in-dwell a person, how powerful, how loving, how wise, how righteous, is that person supposed to be? Still full of sinful thoughts? Still full of wicked desires? Still behaving with selfishness and in foolishness? Still unable to conduct oneself with consistent Christ-likeness? Absolutely not. Those who teach such inability are blaspheming God’s ability and power to transform. Those who teach such feebleness are denying that God, upon placing His Spirit into someone, does in fact give that person a new heart, mind, spirit –one that is completely new and clean and void of the old, dirty one. (Ezek. 36:25-27 // 2 Cor. 5:17) Contrary to the doctrine of these false teachers, God’s new creations DO follow God’s laws –carefully, consistently, joyfully, and in intimate fellowship with Him. (Ps. 119:14 // Ezek. 36:27 // Rom. 8:9,14 // Titus 2:11,12 // Heb. 8:10-12)

But alas, what wicked teachings abound from sin-loving deceivers bent on rebelling against God! These slaves of depravity cannot fathom a new, changed life (which they pretend to preach about), for in not being born anew (though they claim to be), the realities of the new life remain foreign to them. They and their teachings are to be left. They are the blind leading the blind. Claiming to know God while their actions deny Him (Titus 1:16), “they are detestable, disobedient, and unfit for doing anything good.” (same verse)

A couple of days ago, I read a conversation about sin and holiness at a blog in which a guy responded to a preacher of Truth, saying, “Obviously, we have a sinful nature and, as Christians, we also have the Holy Spirit. So, we have a second by second choice to make: either submit to the Spirit, or live by the flesh. If you truly think you can live for more than a second or two (not speaking of sleeping) without having an impure thought or otherwise sinning, then I’d say you’re guilty of the sin of pride.”

There it is –the very prevalent false doctrine that most of “Christianity” promotes– stated concisely. How much more pathetically confused can their teaching get? They want us to believe that the Spirit of the Mighty God dwells in a believer, but He has not actually cleansed the person of filth –so much so that the person must have impure thoughts every other second. They want us to believe that God dwells in a believer, yet anyone who rejoices that he does not have impure thoughts (or words or actions) because Christ has set him free, should be informed that he is guilty of the sin of pride.

So let’s get this straight: We are to believe that we have both the Holy Spirit, as well as that vile sinful nature which God hates, abiding in us at the same time, that God’s promise to set us free from sin (Rom. 6:18) and circumcise off the sinful nature (Col. 2:11) is not true, and that every two seconds or so the sinful nature wins over the Spirit of God in us so that we cannot help but sin, at least in our minds? What weakness and nonsense. What a false gospel, and what blasphemy.

If other so-called “believers” will not stop their nonsense, their falsehoods, and their rebellion against God’s Truth, then we should definitely leave them. Bad company does corrupt good character (1 Cor. 15:33) and there is much going on in “Christian” circles that will prove worthless on the Day of Judgement. God’s wrath will certainly come on the disobedient and on all those who refuse to believe that impurity (impure thoughts included), are to be foreign to Christians. (Eph. 5:3-6) We are not to be aligned with them. (v. 7)

Israeliteindeed has also been writing about falsehoods “believers” are engaged in, even laboring in. She says:

“Laboring to put up a new, bigger building so we can believe we are doing the great commission even though we don’t know how to share the gospel, and never do, and don’t care to learn.”

How true! And how sad!

She goes on later to say this:

“So we complain to one another and speak of how we need a revival, and how other people are keeping revival from happening. And we keep doing our rituals and putting up buildings and inviting people to help us keep our pews warm and hoping it will all change, and encouraging one another that one day our labors will pay off.

But we don’t pray, we don’t weep for the lost, we don’t lay aside those labors that are going nowhere (or even recognize that they are going nowhere), and we don’t study to understand and speak forth the gospel in all of its powerful and life-changing clarity.”

True again. But most “Christians” are not proclaiming the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit because they are actually void of the Spirit. Instead of repenting of sin, obeying Christ’s words, and going forth in His power, they sit at their computers in the safety and isolation of their homes, chattering and arguing out their opinions from the power of that sinful nature they certainly do still retain!

Here is the link at which to read Israeliteindeed’s full article: http://israeliteindeed.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/laboring/

Here are her two recent articles concerning IHOP’s falsehoods: http://israeliteindeed.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/flee-from-international-house-of-prayer-aka-ihop-and-mike-bickle/ and: http://israeliteindeed.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/testimonies-freedom-from-ihop-international-house-of-prayer/

We all do need to be vigilant about discerning those counterfeits of the Truth. For there are many. No counterfeit will save. Only the Truth saves.

with love,

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