Missionaries’ Lives Are Exciting!

February 21, 2014

This Sunday my parents and some other missionaries are being honored at a church lunch where a video will be shown which the church made about their lives overseas. Below is a link to the teaser of the video, and yes, that’s me on the vine (a real vine) with my brother waiting next to me, as we took turns swinging out over the river and jumping into the water.

Also, halfway through the video is a photo of the famous, much written-about python (which was 22 feet and 10 inches long and 26 inches in circumference) which Kekek shot and killed and which all of us in the village ate. My dad skinned it (the skin ended up in a U.S. university science department) and the photo is of several of us (I’m the little girl with the orange shirt) holding up the skin.

Besides all the work (human rights advocacy and medical, literacy, and spiritual help) which my parents did for the Agta (the ethnic group I grew up with), we had tons of exciting, fun, dangerous, and/or crazy experiences. I know the other missionary families did too.

Here is the link for the teaser:


Also, here is a link showing some photos I posted before:


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