Focusing On… –What?

February 17, 2014

Israeliteindeed reminds us that God’s Word tells us not to worry about things concerning this temporal life, but to set our attention on God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. I really like how she explains it, especially here:

But Jesus warned that setting as our focus even the temporal needs we all have will be a spiritual trap to us. Our Father knows that we have needs, so we are not to focus on them as if we don’t have a loving Father looking after us. To do such is to evidence a lack of faith. Instead we are to focus on serving Him in the things He has before ordained for us to do–furthering His kingdom on earth and being sanctified into a purer image of Jesus daily.

Israeliteindeed also discusses different kinds of priorities which take people away from seeking God’s desires. It may be focusing on trying to get friends, a spouse, a career, life’s necessities, or on having those necessities stored up for oneself should a disaster sweep the community. Even slaving away for one’s ministry –instead of working only under Christ’s orders– shows that a person has lost their correct focus. Definitely this is a huge problem throughout churches! I like how she says it here:

Even a ministry can become the focus of our attention in a wrong way. We can get so busy jumping through the hoops of a program that we don’t realize we are no longer hearing Jesus giving us instructions. We have let the program, or the consensus of others, become our leader instead of Jesus.

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