Consider Carefully The Real Gospel

February 15, 2014

Another excellent message from Israeliteindeed is available at her blog.

I had to read this particular post of hers very slowly, as every word is heavy with the Truth. I earnestly exhort others, as well, to meditate on the importance of her message, and may we all examine ourselves seriously and carefully against the Light stated throughout.

Truly, the Good News is very different, and often the exact opposite, of what many “Christians” are teaching. For many do not acknowledge that “the wages of sin is [still] death” (Rom. 6:23) for everyone who remains disobedient to God’s Word and Spirit. (Eph. 5:6) If true faith (the kind that pledges full obedience to Christ and holds to this vow) is not in action, then the person who thinks he believes the Gospel, is not believing the Gospel. He is believing a false gospel that is of zero worth and does not save.

“Therefore consider carefully how you listen,” Jesus tells us. (Luke 8:18) “[Because those who belong to Me] are those who hear God’s Word and put it into practice.” (See v. 21)

Here is Israeliteindeed’s message:

with love,

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