Joys With My Sweetheart & Friend (My Husband), & From God

February 14, 2014

On this Valentine’s Day, I want to express my great joy and thankfulness to God for the experiences He has had my husband and me go through. Today I am particularly focusing on the last thirteen and a half years we had on our small ranch, on which we had, as a hobby, the excitement of breeding and raising beautiful APHA paint horses. I have grieved having to sell it, as well as having to move to the city, which we did two months ago. However, I am grateful that we’ve now found and bought a house just ten minutes from my parents, and I am ready for a new chapter in our lives.

Below are some photos that somewhat convey my joy and thankfulness for all the exceedingly fun times, the blessings and yes, the painful trials too, the training in righteousness (which is on-going), and the wonderful friend and husband God has given me –one who loves the Lord and lives holy, whose love for me has proved true and strong and enduring and selfless, and whose ways with everyone are incredibly generous, considerate, and kind.

After 26 years of marriage together, and 34 years of being friends, and reflecting today on all we’ve been privileged to have had and experienced, I am deeply thankful, not only to God, but also to my dearest friend and sweetheart, the precious person who is also my husband.

I share at this blog sometimes, like today, not just the Truth of that Word which I am thankful (to the utmost) to know, but also some of my life. I have truly had a blessed and exciting one, and today I am again thanking God and my husband for the great joys, help, and kindnesses they both have brought to me.

with love to my hubby,
and to the Lord my God,

My husband and me on 1/26/14.

A kiss for hubby, 1/26/14

Just playing! (1/26/14)

Laughing in the leaves with my nephew, 1/26/14

Christmas Day, 2013: My husband with my nephew






Beauty and Hubby (11/17/01)

Stormy and Hubby (11/17/01)

Hubby with L’Tip and Shadow, our house in background (11/17/01)

Hubby with Princess & others, 12/14/03

Cheesecake, his sister Breeze (the black), their mom, Lily, & me (2002)

Velvet and me, 2004

Hubby with Velvet the day she was born, 6/9/04

Hubby with our dog, Browse, 2/28/12

Me in front field, 11/16/11

L’Tip and me, 2001

Gypsy and me (7/21/01)

Me, loving on Tori, 12/14/03

Me & Tiger in haystack, Cowgirl eating hay, 12/14/03

Me with Shady and Cappachino, the day he was born, 5/3/01

Me with Shadow and Starbucks, the day he was born, 4/5/02

Starbucks, a couple months old, & me, 2002

Me with Shadow and Shanandoah, the day he was born, 4/17/05

Me with Trigger and Fawn, 2006

Me with Breeze, 9/17/00

Me in our front field, 11/18/13

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