God’s Name

February 13, 2014

The Name of the Lord is all-powerful and God has invited us, even commanded us, to use it –to use It for His glory, for the benefit of His people and Kingdom purposes, to accomplish His will, and to apply It by the leading and control of His Spirit. Those righteous ones who trust in God’s Name will take refuge in It (Pr. 18:10), will find safety and protection there (John 17:11,12), will grow in the knowledge of the Lord and thus in faith (Ps. 9:10 & 20:7), and will, by believing, have Life through It. (John 20:31) By exalting God’s Name, strength, as well as victory over evil, will be theirs. (8:1,2 & 44:5 & 118:11 & 124:8 & ch. 149)

“God has exalted above all things His Name and His Word.” (Ps. 138:2) This means that It is to be greatly revered. (Mal. 1:14 & 2:5) It is no flippant thing to use, proclaim, or profess to walk in God’s Name. If a person does these, he must be an honorable person himself so as to not bring ridicule to the King he represents. God allows His Name to be used only by those who abide by His laws. Otherwise a person dishonors God’s holiness and majesty. To do this is to profane the Name of the Lord before the nations. (Rom. 2:23,24) Profaning God’s Name is to blaspheme Him. To those who do such a thing, God will set His face against them and cut them off from His Presence. (Lev. 20:3,22-26) This fate is also for those who have once been God’s temple, but who, by returning to sin, defile His habitation, thus the Covenant, and thus His Name. (Jer. 7:1-15 & 34:15-18 // 1 Cor. 3:16,17) Consequently, the Lord’s Name is to be used only by those who fear It, and who, through that holy fear, have learned wisdom (Mi. 6:9), including the wisdom of when and how to use it.

Our Lord has chosen every branch in Himself to remain there through love and obedience and to produce fruit. (John 15:1-17) If we do this, God will give us whatever we ask in Jesus’ Name. (v. 16 & 14:13,14) This is an immense privilege, for the Name of Jesus, exalted above all names by God Himself (Phil. 2:9), is the Name at which every knee must bow (v. 10) as they acknowledge as King the One who represents this Name. (v. 11)

Therefore, because Jesus, the God-man, has been given all authority in heaven and on earth (Mt. 28:18), then He has the jurisdiction to give this same authority to those who, by abiding in His Name through faith, are unified with Him in the Spirit and are thus going forth in His will. (v. 19,20 // Luke 10:1-20) This is because, when God puts His Name into someone, whether that be Jesus or Jesus’ servants, God is bringing His Presence into that person. (Ex. 23:21 & 33:12-17) This is a huge privilege, as well as a weighty responsibility, and we must act accordingly –with gratefulness, praise, maturity, and alertness, and with absolute obedience to the One whose Name we possess and use.

God’s Name is not to be regarded lightly. God’s Name is His Presence. God’s Name is His authority. God’s Name is His power, majesty, and holiness. God’s Name is Himself –He who is the Eternal One, the Creator of all things, and the All-powerful Sovereign of the universe.

with love,

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