Let Us Pray For One Another With The Faith That Brings Victory

February 11, 2014

A few days ago, my mom, another missionary, and I were discussing the great sadness and alarm we feel concerning the waywardness of those who once seemed to be zealous for the Truth. We lamented about how dangerous are the fiery darts of the evil realm as they seem to attack relentlessly until their victims weaken, get discouraged, or even succumb altogether. Obviously all of us are vulnerable if we do not keep the armor of God on and pray without ceasing for each other, especially for those who are at the front lines –those who are publicly visible and highly influential, those who are making headway into enemy strongholds, and those whom God has made skilled to crumble gates of falsehood and wickedness.

However, regardless of our gifts, our training, and our experience, the evil spiritual realm is too strong for mere humans. Anyone who works in their own might, however agile they may be, will eventually be shot down, one way or another. Only by wearing the armor daily and holding high that shield of faith, can any saint expect to walk in real victory. (Eph. 6:10-18 // 1 John 5:4) Only by being clothed with Christ who is our Armor of Light, and putting Him on through the faith that obeys (Rom. 13:12-14 // Gal. 3:26,27), can any of God’s servants continue to advance in the demolition of evil territories.

And how do we exercise the faith that conquers? We do so through obedience to God, meaning that we obey His Word and Spirit. This translates to going out into all the earth, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. It means meditating on Christ, the Word, ingesting Him so that we have the strength Life imparts. It means praising and thanking God for His goodness, His power, His compassion, and more. It means praying by the Spirit and quoting the Word of God for each situation. Doing these things, and even when we don’t feel like it, proves our faith, and if we keep on determinedly, our faith will grow and the enemy will flee.

But what about when we’ve done these and there is still no relief? This truly is disheartening, but even here we are given a remedy. Jesus tells us, “This kind can come out only by prayer and fasting.” (Mark 9:29) Because all of the Greek manuscripts do not add “and fasting”, we can nevertheless take note that (humble, alone, quiet) fasting is something Jesus did (Mt. 4:2) and promoted (6:16-18), and that it seems to summon extra Holy Spirit power. (same verses & 4:1-11) Seeking first God’s Word, His Kingdom, and His righteousness (4:4 & 6:33), as well as storing up for oneself treasure in Heaven by serving God only (6:19-24) is done, we can infer, by ejecting all that controls us apart from God, even food. (v. 24-34) (If food can’t be rejected for a time because of health issues, then sweets, caffeine, sodas, entertainment, hobbies, or such, can certainly be fasted.)

By concentrating whole-heartedly on God’s desires without the distraction of seeking to fulfill our (normal, non-evil) desires, we are solidifying our heart’s pledge to maintain God as our only God –void of any idolatry. This pledge is important for us to periodically confirm for our own benefit, but also so that God, for His glory, might display our devotion to Him before the spiritual realm. (Job 1:8) Such a thing does advance God’s Kingdom!

In Mt. 21:21,22 Jesus equates full faith with actions that make faith-filled commands and faith-filled prayers, and He promises us that such commands and prayers will be answered. Should we not then continue until the promise comes, no matter how long it tarries? We should! If it is a thing which we know God Himself desires (such as someone’s salvation and transformation through faith in Christ), then we need not get discouraged, but instead continue in faith-action, fully expecting results.

God does not work in our timing, but He does bring about the answer. There may be a valley to traverse, but getting to the other side does come about. It may be gradual, but it does happen. That is, if we, through our obedience and faithfulness to His leading, show our full trust in Christ, doing so as we consider Him, beyond a shadow of a doubt, willing and able to perform that which is otherwise impossible.

Let us, then, never forget that all which we do, and all which we are requesting God to accomplish, must be soaked in prayer, and that this prayer must be the kind which is induced and conducted by the Holy Spirit Himself. As Eph. 6:18 commands, let us be mindful, therefore, to petition God continually on behalf of all the saints, doing so by His own Spirit and with all kinds of requests. If we would but do so, we would certainly see more garrisons of evil obliterated and less of God’s servants falling into the traps of the devil.

All of us long to see this enduring victory for God’s Kingdom and people, do we not? Then let us join in and act accordingly.

with love,

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