Judged With Growing Deafness

February 9, 2014


The Pharisees would not admit their blindness without Jesus and step into His light. They resisted, rather than submitted to, God’s Word; therefore their sins remained upon them despite their outwardly religious lives (John 9:41.) This is also the case with multitudes of people who go to church and profess to know God today; they are blind and in need of eye-salve from Jesus, but they insist they see.

The above paragraph is an excerpt from what Israeliteindeed posted this weekend. Again, it is a much needed exhortation to those who are allowing themselves to drift off into spiritual ignorance with the rest of society. Those who keep refusing to take the commands in God’s Word seriously will incur upon themselves God’s judgement by which they will grow irrevocably deaf to the Truth and eventually be cast into Hell.

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