In Spite Of Disputable Matters, The Truth Does Not Change

January 28, 2014

There are certainly “disputable matters” (Rom. 14:1) as we follow Jesus. This is due to God’s grace and leading as He works in and through our different personalities, backgrounds, capabilities, and gifts He has given us. Our gracious Leader guides us, helps us, and teaches us individually, and there is no set time frame in which to learn each new concept the Spirit is instructing us on. Because of this we should refrain from judging one another in areas where one’s faith is still weak. (v. 1-4)

Even so, all of us are required to obey what we do know and what we are being taught. Therefore, whatever has already been revealed to us, we are to live by, meaning we are to hold to that revealed Truth without looking back. This however, is where many “Christians” seem to falter. They do look back, for they desire to partake of some sin (or sins) which they see other “Christians” indulging themselves in. “If they feel okay about doing that, I should feel okay about doing it too,” the reasoning seems to go. Thus they quench the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their lives who is reminding them that He has already brought them a level higher in holiness. In this way, “Christians” rebel against the Spirit’s voice (–even the very clear word He likely gave using the written Word), thereby beginning the process of severing their relationship with the Lord. If they repent, fellowship is restored, but if they continue their stumble backward, they will fall, wither, and die (spiritually). (John 15:6 // 2 Peter 3:17)

Consequently, though there are disputable matters as each person follows Jesus at the unique pace He has set for every one of us, we need to keep in mind that there is only one Gate and Road. And that this Gate and Road, which is the Person of Jesus Christ who is the Way and the Truth and the Life (John 14:6), is narrow (Mt. 7:14) –so narrow that few people find it. (same verse) Being this is the case, we should take warning as we consider that the Word of God is full of commands. Disputable matters there indeed are, but there are also numerous commands –commands which, God’s Word reveals, we are definitely expected to follow. (Mt. 19:17 // John 8:31,32 // 2 Tim. 3:16,17 // 2 Peter 1:3-11) If we do not do so, we show we are not united with Him who is the Truth. (1 John 2:3-6 & 3:24)

Let’s be careful, then. For Truth is Truth. God’s Truth cannot be changed. There is one Path and it is narrow. Disputable matters do not make the Truth relative. The Path of Truth may be wider at some points than at others, but the Truth, nevertheless, cannot change. We need to understand the difference. The Message of Christ, the Gospel that saves, the Road that leads to eternal life –all the teachings that fit with “the pattern of sound teaching” (2 Tim. 1:13) must be adhered to / followed / obeyed / lived by. If they are not, then just as an athlete who must be disqualified for not having competed according to the rules (2:5 // 1 Cor. 9:24-27), so “Christians” who do not run disciplined (same verses) and in order to fully please the Commander (2 Tim. 2:4), will not receive the victor’s crown of eternal life. (v. 5 // 1 Cor. 9:24-27 // Rev. 2:10,11)

with love,

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