Required: Having Increasing Faith In The Whole Message

January 27, 2014

Rom. 10:17 tells us that “faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” Since this is so, why do people think that they can believe the Message when they spend such little time hearing it? Is the Message short and simple? The crux is, for even a child can understand; but the full Message fills a whole book, and a complex book, at that. The entirety of God’s Word is not short and simple. It requires study, meditation, and seeking. At least if one wants to have faith (real, living faith).

To have faith means to walk in strong, confident trust in God. To have faith in Christ means to follow His lead, do what He says, and adhere consistently and faithfully to His teaching. Just as a living creature must continue to breathe and grow to remain alive, so must a person who has faith, be a person who is growing in faith. To be growing in faith means to be using the faith one has, and this so as to become increasingly successful in the production of fruit through the use of that faith. Therefore, to have faith means to progress in holiness, the fruit of the Spirit, and in conformity to Christ.

Sadly, it seems that many “Christians” believe and act like faith is something they merely decide to have. Sure, a decision must be made to believe the Gospel, to believe God’s Word; but how can a person actually believe if they do not know all that the Message proclaims and teaches? It’s impossible to believe something you haven’t heard. So it is impossible for people to believe the parts of the Message they haven’t yet heard. Can a person become a jet pilot by simply deciding to be one? No, he has to add action and training to his decision. Similarly, a person cannot have living faith if they are not walking in it, using it, applying it, and increasing in it.

It is sobering to realize that “Christianity” has a multitude of people who claim to have faith in the Message of Christ yet who do not even know what He taught. They claim to believe the apostles’ teachings, but there too they have picked out popular verses, left out the rest, and thereby cemented falsehoods into their hearts. Refusing to listen to the whole counsel of God’s Word, they do not walk in the faith that saves. They can’t, because they do not know the true Message (the Truth). This is because they do not spend time hearing it, reading it, taking it to heart, and applying it. The faith they have is misplaced faith –faith in religion, in a pastor, in a Bible teacher, in some theologian, or in a favorite doctrine such as OSAS.

Just as the man who decides to be a pilot must train to become one, so must a person who decides to trust Christ train to walk in His Message. There is a lot to learn, a lot to know, a lot to apply.

with love,

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