Doing Good Works Is The Issue

January 26, 2014

1 Tim. 6:18,19 reveals something that many people, especially those who are well-off, seem to forget. The commands are directed to the rich, but they are applicable to anyone. These two verses say, “Command them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thereby treasuring away for themselves a good foundation for the future, in order that they may take hold of that which is real life.”

If we read these two verses meditatively, and several times, and even in different versions, there seems to be no way to avoid the fact that we are being taught that good works, particularly those that include kindness and generosity, are connected to building for oneself a solid foundation for the future, and that it is by acquiring this foundation that we take hold of Life –that true life which is in Christ and continues eternally.

What then should we expect of our future if we do not build a good and firm foundation? Can we expect to secure Life? What are these two verses saying? It certainly appears to be another one of those exhortations from Scripture that spells it out for us again: Do good, do good works, act kind, be generous… –Why? Because actions / behavior / conduct does matter, and actually makes all the difference, for obtaining eternal life.

This exhortation certainly concurs with that which Jesus teaches in John 5:29: “Those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned.” It concurs, as well, with what He teaches in Mt. 25:31-46 concerning kindness, generosity, and one’s time. Those who do not forget to do good to others, He will welcome, while those who neglect others, He will damn.

Doing good works is the issue according to Christ. Works done in the will of God, yes, but works nonetheless.

with love,

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