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January 18, 2014

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It’s difficult to believe, but the Obama Administration is asking the United States Senate — indeed, all Americans — to trust Iran. Trust Iran? When it has killed American soldiers and is imprisoning and abusing American Pastor Saeed Abedini? A majority of the Senate stands against a nuclear Iran, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won’t let them vote. Make your voice heard. Let the Senate vote.

Stand Against a Nuclear Iran; Stand for Pastor Saeed

Tell Senator Reid to stop blocking democracy.

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Have We “Surrendered” to Iran and Abandoned Pastor Saeed?

Iran’s president claimed victory over America. Was he right?

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It’s Time to Investigate the Investigators

The Obama Justice Department makes a partisan decision.

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Breaking News: Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Wins Stay Against Pro-Abortion Attorney General

We win, for now, but the threat remains.

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U.S. State Department Finally Confirms Terrorists Behind Benghazi Attacks

Hillary Clinton was wrong, and so was the New York Times.

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Pro-Life Buffer Zones Rebuffed as Abortion Clinics Compared to Slaughterhouses at the Supreme Court

A first-hand report from the Supreme Court.

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Overturn ‘Buffer Zone’ Law: Opposing View

Do abortion clinics deserve special protection from free speech?

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Lone Survivor and Insufferable Anti-American Self-Righteousness

Are American soldiers racist? Are they the same as the Taliban? Some leftists think so.

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Religious Freedom is About Actions Not Words

What does the Obam Administration really believe?

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DOJ to Supreme Court: Religious Beliefs Aren’t Important Enough to Strike Abortion-Pill Mandate

For the Obama Administration, abortion is more important than faith.

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