“Let’s Sin To Glorify God!”

January 16, 2014

The popular false “Christian” gospel of OSAS (once-saved, always saved), of which Calvinism also adheres to, teaches that which Rom. 3:5-8 condemns: The belief that by clinging to sin and falsehoods, people actually accentuate God’s glory and righteousness. “Let us do evil that good may result,” (v. 8) is the argument of this counterfeit gospel. And, “If this falsehood of mine brings God greater honor by making His truthfulness more apparent, why should I be judged as a sinner?” (v. 7) However, by holding to such beliefs, as verse 8 says, a person’s condemnation is deserved.

Some people may think such a doctrine is not really taught within Christianity. But it is. Yesterday I read through a past post I’d written about the pervasiveness of that doctrine and I feel it is certainly a helpful post in pointing out some of the differences in OSAS’s counterfeit gospel as compared with the True Gospel. Here is the link:


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