Refusing To Quit Sinning Is A Forfeiture Of God’s Grace

January 13, 2014

To continue in deliberate sin means to refuse to genuinely renounce sinful habits and Sin itself. It is to refuse to stop glancing at, and making movements toward, sinful things. It is to refuse to pluck out and cut off those things which tempt us to sin. (Mt. 5:29,30) Anyone who refuses to take the necessary precautions against Sin’s temptations is sinning deliberately. Anyone who continues in such folly will have their salvation negated (Heb. 10:26) so that they end up in Hell. (v. 27)

“God does not show favoritism.” (Acts 10:34) “He accepts, from every nation, those who fear Him and do what is right.” (See v. 35) Those who do not fear Him and therefore do what is wrong, are, along with their father the devil, rebels against God, and are, consequently, not accepted by God. (Rom. 8:5-8 // 1 John 3:10) To not be accepted by God is to remain outside of His kindness, love, mercy, and forgiveness, thus condemned. (John 3:36 & 15:10 // Rom. 11:22)

Jesus died to take away our sins. (Heb. 9:28 // 1 John 3:5) He bore sin for us on the cross (1 Peter 2:24), doing so “that we might die to sins and live for righteousness.” (Same verse) In other words, “–so that we might be obedient to righteousness, and no longer obedient to sin.” (See Rom. 6:15-18)

Because our Lord and Savior redeemed us / purchased us back from Sin (Heb. 9:15), why would we still remain in it and keep sinning? Since He freed us from Sin and its power (Rom. 6:6), why would we cling to it? Such action would not only be ludicrous, it would amount to rebellion. By Christ’s wounds we have been healed of Sin’s decay within us. (Isa. 53:5 // 1 Peter 2:24) It has been washed out of us so that we are left cleansed and forgiven vessels in which to house the Lord’s Spirit. Why would we turn back to the filthiness of Sin? Such action would be repugnant (2 Peter 2:22), a show of contempt toward God’s Spirit of grace (Heb. 10:29), and behavior worthy of destruction. (1 Cor. 3:16,17)

We died to sin. (Rom. 6:2) Why would anyone believe that a continuation in it could be anything other than rebellion against God?

with love,

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