Micah’s Exhortation To Females

January 11, 2014

I happened to see Micah again today and he told me that he had written another poem at his blog. So being I was very interested to read it, he read it to me himself, and in his philosophical, yet animated way. As always, he writes excellently, and again about a subject much in need of being heeded. As I have said before just as he is saying, it is the men who are mostly to blame, and I’m glad to hear it admitted from a young man. God made men to be the leaders, but look where they have brought society. Instead of leading with love, concern, tenderness, and righteousness, they devise wicked schemes and entice others to join them in their ruthlessness and perversions. Do they not care about their wives, their sisters, their mothers, their daughters? Too intent on getting their own lusts satisfied, it is apparent that most do not. Not all males, of course, but certainly the majority. Here is the link:


with love,

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