Gracious… Kind… Christlike… = Honorable

January 4, 2014

Today I went to the Memorial Service of our friend who, along with his wife, spent his entire adult life serving the Lord full time. In South America and elsewhere he was, among many other things, a diplomat for the mission and brought them favor with high-ranking officials, presidents, and nations. Even so, he was a humble man, and probably one of the most gracious, gentle, and kind men ever to walk this earth. Apparently he treated everyone with respect, concern, love, attention, and honor. Numerous people, from what they said about him, seemed to feel this way, including his wife with whom he’d had a beautiful marriage for 57 years.

The Memorial Service, including the reception afterwards, lasted over four hours. The large church was packed and so was the apartment dining room where everyone went to eat and to hear more people share their memories of this admirable man. Truly our friend was greatly honored today.

Besides all the wonderful service and accomplishments this man did, I was especially impressed with the testimonies about his Christlike character traits and how consistently he exuded them. For most people can act kind and gracious some of the time, or even much of the time, or with some people, or even most people, but who can behave so consistently Christlike that others can say they never heard a word of complaint or harshness come from that individual ever? Wow. That’s impressive! Wouldn’t it be great if such a thing could be said of every follower of Christ?

But really, there were many who attended today who could be viewed as highly honorable people. While at the reception I looked around and thought about all those others who had also dedicated their lives to the furtherance of Christ’s Kingdom. One of our missionary friends I was talking to said she was leaving again next week for South America to help with Bible translation and editing, though it seems like she just got back. When I asked how long she’ll be gone this time, she said, “Three months minimum.” When I asked how old she is now, she said, “Eighty four.”

Now is there not something wrong with the picture of our generation compared to that generation? If only our dedication, commitment, and selflessness to the furthering of Christ’s Message and Kingdom were half as good as theirs!

And if only it could be said of each and every one of the Lord’s people, “This person was always gracious, humble, gentle, loving, attentive, and kind to everyone.”

with love,

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