My Brother’s Exhortation For 2014

December 31, 2013

My brother’s sermon this past Sunday was really great (as his sermons always are). He spoke about how we are to live our lives for God, and challenged us to do so even better in 2014. He used Rom. ch. 12, beginning with the last verse: “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” (v. 21)

Steve went on to say that it is by understanding God’s mercy (from v. 1) that we are enabled to joyfully and gratefully offer our bodies to God for His service. (From same verse) He said we must say, “Lord, this body of mine is Yours, and nothing I do, say, or think will not be for You.” The way we are able to hold to this pledge is by separating ourselves from the world’s influences in our lives. (From v. 2) The world, Steve said, is what is keeping people from knowing God’s will. The world is what is drowning out God’s voice and what is taking away our time –time we should be spending with our Instructor, God, and Friend. The world is trying to get us to think like them, buy like them, dress like them, talk like them, and be like them. But we are citizens of a different Rule.

My brother reminded us that our King and Leader has given us tasks to do and that we must do them. (From v. 4-8) If we are humble (from v. 3), he said, then we can do them joyfully regardless of how others treat us. For with humble attitudes we will recognize that we are nobodies anyway. And nobodies don’t have anything to prove. They only rejoice in being able to serve their Creator who stooped to become a nobody Himself in order to make a way for objects of His wrath to be reconciled to Him and live in His presence forever. The way he told about the worms that find their way into their house (which is a converted barn) and how he would never consider becoming one of them so as to save them from destruction, was an analogy worth hearing. (See link below)

When Steve talked about hating evil and clinging to what is good (v. 9), he told about the experience he’d had when they were living in California –about the harrowing ride he took on the windshield of a murderous driver. He certainly cemented in our minds the meaning of the word “cling” with that testimony!

The whole sermon was excellent, and I’ve not even given it justice in my attempt to relate what my brother actually said. So it’d be more enjoyable, not to mention more convicting and beneficial for one’s attitude and life, to listen to the sermon itself. This can be done by clicking here:

May we all begin the new year tomorrow with a renewed pledge to live exactly in line with God’s will throughout 2014. –And forever.

with love,

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