Evangelizing With My Family At West End

December 24, 2013

Yesterday my mom wanted to hand out her Christmas treat bags she had so lovingly made (about 220 of them), and so my dad, my brother and his family, and I went downtown to the bus and train stops with her. (My husband had to work and my sister and her family live in another state.) I wore my signs and encouraged people to read God’s Word as the others walked with my mom and also witnessed about Jesus.

The sign I made before we went was the one I’m wearing on my back that can be seen in the first photo below. My front sign is one I made in 2006, and though I’ve made about 30 signs I use, I used that one because that was my mom’s choice to go with my new one. For aren’t we all extremely grateful that we have a Savior, a true Savior? Alcohol, drugs, sex, money, other people, and other worldly “saviors” all fall short and hollow, either bringing us disappointment or even eventual ruin. But Jesus, the Creator of the universe (Col. 1:16 // Heb. 1:2), has provided salvation for everyone (everyone who accepts it through belief, repentance, and submission to Him, the rightful King) and has generously given us His own Spirit through whom we are enabled to walk in purity, obedience, and friendship with Him. What a fantastic privilege and what an amazing mercy! What a Message to be grateful for, and what a Gospel to excitedly share!

Furthermore, what a blessing to promote God’s Word and minister to and pray with people, doing so with my family members and even at my most favorite evangelizing spot! May every person whom we encountered yesterday come at least a little bit closer to knowing Jesus, and thus to being set free from all their addictions, sadness, and sin!

with love,

The sign I made yesterday.

May we never forget to be grateful to the Lord –and show it!

My parents and my brother and his family giving out Mom’s homemade treat bags with her.

It’s so fun to minister!

My nephew giving a handicapped man a treat bag.

Two guys who expressed thankfulness for the Gospel reminder.

My parents watching their grandkids minister.

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