Christian And Muslim Both?

December 21, 2013

At times, while out witnessing, I’ve met up with people who have a type of religion that is a mixture of Christianity and Islam. I inform them that the two faiths are not compatible, one issue being that Christianity teaches that Jesus is both God’s Son and God Himself, and that Islam insists that God has no son and that Jesus was only a good man and a prophet.

Yet how can Jesus be a good man, let alone a prophet of God, if He was also a deceiver? For He certainly was trying to deceive people by claiming to be the Messiah, God’s Son, the Bread of Life, the Savior and Forgiver of sins, the only way to the Father, and among other claims, the “I Am” Himself. What a bunch of lies –if they were/are not so! And since those who lie and try to deceive are not good people, how can Muslims state that Jesus is not who He claimed to be and at the same time assert that He was a good man and a prophet of God? How absurd. Even if He was delusional and thought He was someone He wasn’t, how could He then be considered a prophet who spoke for God?

But, as a matter of fact, Jesus was/is who He claimed to be. And yes, He did make startling claims. One time I quoted John 8:58,59 to a man I was witnessing to because he said that Jesus never actually claimed to be God. But Jesus certainly did make such a claim –many times and in numerous ways.

In John 8:58 when Jesus stated that He was the Ever-existent One, that is, the “I Am”, the Jews knew who He was claiming to be –that He was Yahweh, the One who had told Moses that He was to be remembered forever by that name. (Ex. 3:14,15) We know the Jews heard Him correctly, for that is why they picked up stones to stone Him (v. 59) –to stone Him for blasphemy.

In Mark 14:61, we read that the high priest asked Jesus pointblank, “Are you the Christ / the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?” The next verse gives us Jesus’ answer: “I am.” (v. 62) When the high priest heard this claim, he tore his clothes (v. 63) –an expression of extreme emotion, and in this case, of exasperation and anger, and called Jesus’ response blasphemy. (v. 64) Therefore, “They all condemned Him as worthy of death.” (same verse)

In Mark 15:2 when Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?”, Jesus replied, “Yes, it is as you say.” (same verse)

These are only a fraction of the claims to Deity, and to being Lord and Savior, that Jesus made. And the whole of God’s Word proclaims such multitudes of times. However, if someone doesn’t believe all of Scripture, or thinks that some parts are to be believed and other parts disbelieved, then of course there is room to pick, mix, and trash whatever parts of whatever religion a person so chooses. I guess then someone could be a Christian and a Muslim at the same time. But then again, maybe not. In fact, it’d actually be impossible.

To be both a Christian and a Muslim then, is to be not only very confused, but to be neither one.

with love,

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