Jamie Helping The Umiray Dumagets

December 18, 2013

This evening my mom told me that they’d received a nice letter from a fellow missionary woman (who had been my 4th grade teacher) informing us that Jamie M. and his family had spent three months early this year with the Umiray Dumagets, the village people his parents had translated the New Testament for. The wonderful thing about it, she said, was that he was able to get many copies reprinted, making them available for the villagers who needed more. What a blessing! Furthermore, Jamie and his family (who normally live in Canada) were able to teach and minister to those whom he had grown up with. Another huge blessing!

The reason this information is special to our family is because Jamie’s parents and my parents were very close friends and both worked with Agta groups, though the two groups have very different languages. I remember one time when our family visited their village. I was grade school age, but it was quite memorable to me as I can still picture my mom high up in an ocean wave, yelling for help to our Agta maid who had come with us. But she just stood there! (We realized later it was because she didn’t know how to swim in big ocean waves either since our village was on the shores of a quiet bay.) I remember that I felt like I was about to see my mom swept out to sea. Thank the Lord, that didn’t happen, as an Umiray Dumaget came to my mom’s rescue.

Well, my mom was very blessed to hear what Jamie and his family did for the Umiray Dumagets. And I am very blessed to hear of it too.

with love,

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