Kiana’s Plea For Those In Poverty And Trauma

December 16, 2013

Wow, what an ordeal moving is. Especially for us after having been in one place for almost 14 years. It was quite upsetting for our cat and two dogs, but we had a nice day today setting everything up at our new home and letting the animals follow us in and out of the house and around the wooden-fenced yard. Poor things are shocked by all the weird city noises. We’ll all miss our ranch, but having sold it, it was time to go. We were thankful for the beautiful moon out last night as we said our last goodbye to the place we’d had so much fun at, as well as so much tranquility in the presence of the Lord.

One thing my husband and I have said all month as we’ve packed, is, “Why do we have so much stuff?” So definitely a huge garage sale is being planned come Spring. And what does this mean concerning this Christmas? It means that after six Christmas seasons of trying to say I don’t want to exchange gifts, that this year I’m insistent. Everyone has waaaayyyyyy too much stuff already! Besides, after reading the wonderful letter that my niece, Kiana, wrote to a Christian radio station here concerning one of her fellow schoolmates, I want to use our Christmas money toward helping that needy, sorrowing family.

Below is the letter (minus the photo) Kiana sent KLTY last week and I hope it will inspire others to use their Christmas money on the poor instead of using up hundreds of dollars to buy unnecessary gifts for family and friends who already have plenty.

with love,

Dear KLTY staff,

My name is Kiana… and I am a Junior at …High School. During this past semester I have taken a few days out of each week to spend time with the Life Skills group that is in my school. I have been able to take time to read books, color, play puzzles, and other things with these kids that are disabled.

Over the time in being with these kids, I have become friends with a boy named Tim. Tim has Down Syndrome and is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. He is very joyful and just shines with the glow of Jesus.

When school started back up after Thanksgiving break, I went to go visit the class and found that Tim was absent. I was informed that his father had been involved in a serious accident the Friday school had been released from the break, November 22. His father was killed and due to the sudden death, the family was unprepared financially and emotionally. Because of the lack of money they were unable to have a service and just had a quick burial. Due to Tim’s inability to think like the average high schooler, he didn’t understand the situation. All he had understood was that his dad was hurt, put it a box, and that he will never see him again. He came the next day, but he has seemed very sad and confused since the tragedy.

I don’t know what God’s plan is. All I know is to trust him and know he is looking after Tim and his family. It breaks my heart that it happened during the holiday season and that his mother and sister have to deal with the struggle of the loss of a loved one as well as being able to meet Tim’s needs.

His family in the beginning never had extra money and Tim only has a limited amount of clothing that isn’t in good condition. It will be a struggle for his mother to support the family this season in buying groceries and finding finances for their basic necessities.

There is often a lot of things unsaid with the kids in Life Skills, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be shot down by the burdens of the world. I know I am only 17 and I  can’t do much but if you could somehow help me to reach out to this family it would be wonderful.

Here is a picture of me and just a few of the kids in Life Skills group at a Special Olympics meet in April. Tim is the boy who is farthest left and has the longer hair. I am in the black jacket behind them.

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