Mandela’s Noble Legacy

December 9, 2013

People talk a lot about love, how wonderful, necessary, and nobel it is, but they usually are referring to that kind of love that speaks gushy words yet puts forth little else. Such love soon proves shallow, even hollow and false.

Those people who I admire are not those who talk about love, but those who show it. And who show it through great sacrifice. Those who sacrifice their entire lives for the cause of Truth, justice, and equality.

One of these admirable men is Nelson Mandela. Though he passed last week from this earth, Madela’s sacrificial life made the world a better place, especially in South Africa. What a legacy he leaves. I spent some time last night reading several articles about him, and could not help but weep. If only there were many more men (and women) in history like him. –A man who cared about others, particularly the oppressed, dispossessed, poor, and persecuted, more than he cared about himself.

Here are two of the several articles I read:

All the photos I saw of Mandela made me start to wonder if he was a Christian. For looking into his face, I doubt that anyone could deny that Mandela’s face is almost angelic-like as he displays either a happy, loving smile, or an expression of calm confidence mixed with humility. I was glad, in further researching his beliefs, to find that Mandela’s contribution to our world was most certainly fueled by an admiration of Christ, and likely even a relationship with Him.

Here is a really good article, and one which also made me weep:

We can all strive to be like Mandela. We can all work to better the lives of those less fortunate. We can all live sacrificial lives for the cause of Truth, justice, and equality. We can all do anything God calls us to do. The call begins with the command to be like Christ.

What if we were given Mandela’s spirit? Would we expect to do great things as he did? Sure we would. Well, God has given us HIS own Spirit. Therefore we have no reason to not be doing powerful things through Him for the furtherance of Good throughout the world.

with love,

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