The Wonders Through Nature God Does

December 8, 2013

The last couple of days here in North Texas everyone has been quite iced in. Schools and churches are closed, and thousands lost their electricity due to the heavy ice. All our family, though, are snug, though we do hurt for the less fortunate.

This weekend’s iced land certainly isn’t as pretty as that which some winter storms have caused, but below are some photos I took of a past year’s snowfall here at our ranch. In Texas such days are rare and though they can be a bit scary, they can also bring much worship unto God. For has He not done marvelous works in creating seasons with their unique characteristics? –Not to mention all His other marvels that He bestows on us to enjoy and so that we might take notice of His splendor and thank Him!

Truly Ps. 40:5 is applicable: “Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders You have accomplished. In Your amazing purposes for us, there is none arrayed against You. I will declare and speak of them, though they are too numerous to recount.”

Our wonderful God has indeed performed extraordinary things –for us as individuals, but also through nature so that the whole world might recognize Him in it. (Rom. 1:19,20)

with love,

Looking out our door toward the snow-laden hammock, hay bales, horse trailer, and wondrous trees.

The fence dividing our yard and our back pasture.

Our horses wondering what to do with grazing not available.

Our house surrounded by the snowy –and snowing– wonderland.

Looking from the front gate toward the house, which can barely be seen.

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