He Is Peace, Cure, Life, & Rest

December 4, 2013

Someone asked me yesterday what I do to relieve stress. I mentioned a few things, but I said that the main one is to spend time alone with the Lord by praying and singing to Him, by writing my blog posts, and by reading God’s Word.

God’s Word is the catalyst for any kind of worship or service unto the Lord. For there is where we hear God’s voice –His instructions, His promises, His comfort, His commands, His wisdom, His doctrine, His guidance… And when we hear these, we sigh a huge sigh of relief. Our restless, anxious minds get quiet, our hearts are flooded with the peace that only God can supply, and our spirits rest secure once again.

When our spirits are at rest, then we can sing, pray, witness, work, write, or do anything else the Lord prompts us to do. Even if the task is strenuous, our innermost being is abiding in peace, and so we are full of joy, strength, courage, and expectation coated with patience. It’s a good place to be. And it comes by having nourished ourselves with the Word of God first and foremost.

Who wouldn’t consider reading God’s Word to be the most restful experience one could have? Sure, there are times when “the Sword of the Spirit” (Eph. 6:17) slices through our hearts so painfully that we weep. Sure, there are times when the terrifying verses seem magnified. But, if we are right with the Lord, if we are walking in purity and obedience, then our regular daily intake will, even in those times, be sweet, beautiful, and refreshing. Like a nutritious meal is to our physical bodies, so is eating the Words of Life vitality for our spirits.

How does the world relieve stress? Are their methods Life-giving? Or are they short-lived “cures” that later harvest for them bitterness, loneliness, financial ruin, or even death and an eternity without God?

Christ-followers are following the only Savior there is. For Jesus is the only Deliverer of anything, including stress. The world has its counterfeits, but counterfeits are later seen to be useless. If the Lord is not in it, if He has not brought it our way, then there is no real rest in it.

Why not go straight to the Main Cure? He is the Lord, and the main place to find Him is in His Word. Once we have found Him there, and if we are abiding in Him there on a regular basis while putting His words to practice, then we will find the Lord everywhere. This is what will give us rest. Continual rest. All day, everywhere we go, and in everything we do.

Jesus is Rest. Thus, those who abide in Him, abide in Rest. In this divine repose, there is no stress. And that (–having no stress in this chaotic world) is truly miraculous.

with love,

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