Praise To The King Of Majesty

December 3, 2013

My song to Him:

Oh Lord, King of Majesty and Infinite Beauty,
You alone are the Most High God.
All other gods are nothing,
You only, Lord, do we worship.

Oh Fortress King,
On You, O Lord, our Rock,
Do we place our trust,
And take refuge in Your Name.
The name of Jesus.

Alleluia, thank You God, my Song.
For saving us, we exalt You.
May all the nations
Bow to You and serve You.
May all peoples sing Your praises.

Singing of Your goodness and Your kindness,
Singing of Your love, mercy, and forgiveness,
Singing of Your justice and Your wisdom,
We entrust our whole selves to You.

You are mindful of our condition,
You hear the prayers of Your people.
Lord, always keep us safe and protected,
From the lions who roam about us.

We cry, “Holy.” We cry, “Glory.”
As we look to Your face,
And bow within Your mighty presence,
That place of perfect rest.

Here beneath Your arms of comfort,
Your Spirit, Your words, Your love…
They’re all we need.
The earth’s cares and woes,
Become so small,
Because of You,
Because of You.

The joy You give,
Is our strength.
Seeing the smile of God–
What else compares?
Being here with You, Oh Lord,
We desire nothing else.

Praise, praise, praise
To the King, our Rock.
Praise, glory, adoration
To You, our Fortress
And our God.

with love,

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