I Thank You, Lord

November 28, 2013

On this wonderful day of joining many throughout our nation to give thanksgiving to God, I thank the Lord for numerous things, including these:

~~I thank the Lord for His Word. What a blessing, what a comfort, what joy, peace, patience, love, courage, faith, power, and guidance come to God’s believing ones through meditating on the living words found there! I love God’s Word!!!!!!!!! Through it I find Him daily!

~~I thank the Lord for my husband. He has been so patient, so enduring, so self-sacrificing –all in many, many ways. He has loved me with an undying love, and through the Lord’s discipline and training to us both, he has always “been there” for me, been my best friend, encouraged me to continue in my beloved ministries, given me Truths from God’s Word during days of downcast, and has trusted the Lord along with me during times of great trial and uncertainty. I have thanked the Lord for him more times than I could ever count.

~~I thank the Lord for my parents who love me and raised their three children to honor God and His ways, to serve Him, and to seek out the lost and the hurting in order to bring them the Light of Life. I thank the Lord for my siblings and their spouses and kids who are always striving, in huge ways, to do just that.

~~I thank the Lord for the beautiful ranch He gave my husband and me, for a time, to raise paint horses on and to share with all sorts of people, including missionary families who loved to come out here, picnic, fish, walk in the forest, and ride horses.

~~I thank the Lord for the suffering He has brought me at various times in my life. Without those I would not have come to know intimately my Good Shepherd. Because of them, I clung ever tighter to the only Savior there is, and there in my Rock, I learned to trust, to wait, to pray with faith, and to serve, even through great pain, with joy and power.

~~I thank the Lord for His wonderful care for me and my loved ones, for His voice, for His provision, for His protection, and for innumerable other things that would take forever to recount.

I love You, Lord, very much, and I thank you for You and that You have given me Your True Life.

with love,

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