Give Thanks Always & For Everything

November 27, 2013

God’s Word commands us to do many things, meaning that we ourselves are responsible to carry them out. God gives us His Spirit and power by which to do them, but we are the ones who make the choice to obey and then go forward with corresponding action. Just as we ourselves are the ones who carry out any physical task, even while it is energy received from food, the sun, previous exercise, etc. that we use, so it is with what we do with God’s power available to us. It is there for us, but we must feed on Him daily in order for His power to be renewed in us, and this so that we can carry out His commands.

Many of God’s commands have to do with thankfulness. Col. 3:15 tells us to be thankful, while verse 16 says we should sing spiritual songs with hearts of gratitude toward God. Col. 2:6,7 tell us that while strengthening ourselves in the Faith, we should at the same time be overflowing with thankfulness. Being thankful as we devote ourselves to prayer with vigilance, is commanded as well. (4:2)

1 Thes. 5:18 gives the command to give thanks in all circumstances. All situations. Have we dedicated our lives to God? Have we submitted our minds, our hearts, our every day to the King, our Shepherd? Then we can rest assured that all things that happen to us are in line with His purposes. We can be confident that our Lord is building our faith and character, that He is using our situation to make Himself known to others, and that He is furthering His Kingdom of love, righteousness, justice, and Truth across the earth.

Because we know these things, we can then joyfully obey Eph. 5:20 which tells us to thank God the Father always for everything. Everything. Always. At all times, we are to thank God for everything. So we see that we are to not only offer to God thanksgiving in every situation, but, in addition, for everything. It seems, then, doesn’t it, that we are expected to be thanking God continuously?

Do we do that? –Thank God continuously? What would happen if we did? –If we obeyed God’s Word in this matter?

A lot would happen. A lot more good. For does God not say in His Word that thanksgiving to Him paves the way for our deliverance? (Ps. 50:14,15,23) Why is this? Because sacrificing thank offerings to Him honors Him. (same verses) It is the offering that pleases Him exceedingly. (Ps. 69:30,31) And when God is pleased with us He answers our prayers.

It is obvious to us what kind of attitude in a child we would prefer to have approach us with a request. No one appreciates a sullen, upset, ungrateful child, and no one would feel too keen about granting that child his request. But, presented with a grateful, obedient, and joyful child –one who is full of words of thankfulness to us– would certainly make us want to fulfill whatever it was he was asking for. Therefore, it should not be difficult for us to understand that God responds in like manner.

It is God’s will for us that we operate in thanksgiving to Him at all times and no matter what we’re going through. (1 Thes. 5:18) He has commanded this of us. But, He also expects us to utilize His power to carry out. This can be done. –If we regularly feed on Him and then open up our mouths and hearts in obedience.

with love,

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