We Must Know Christ Through The Spirit

November 18, 2013

To know Christ intimately is a must for salvation. (Mt. 25:12) But this knowing must be done through the Spirit; it cannot be done through the natural. The latter is what is going to send multitudes to Hell. They know about Christ, they believe in Him according to what they have learned by studying history, astronomy, biology, etc., as well as through the laws of reason, or even by studying God’s Word. They therefore “accept Christ” into their lives, they pray to Him, they go to church, they continue to study theology, and they often even get involved in some kind of ministry.

2 Cor. 5:16 tells us that we are not to assess anyone using the natural man. Instead, we are commanded to assess everyone, including Christ, by using the Spirit. This is how we are able to love when hated, forgive when mistreated, persevere with patience and joy, and make wise choices and judgements. For we who are born anew see and regard all situations, people, and the Lord Himself through the mind, heart, and power of the Spirit.

Yet how rare this attitude, this reality, seems to be for most “Christians”. Thus we hear, “That person makes me so mad.” Or, “I can’t help screaming at my kids sometimes.” Or, “Yes, I sometimes lie, or cuss, or look at porn.” Their excuse? It’s, “I’m human of course.”

That’s just it –we are no longer “human” as they term it, meaning still having the sinful nature, for that nature, with its desires, has been crucified. (Gal. 5:24) The humanness we retain is like that which Jesus had when He was born into this world as a human. For though Jesus was, at the same time, fully God, He emptied Himself of that equality (Phil. 2:6,7) so that He, just as we too are expected to do, had to receive His power through the Holy Spirit. This is why He spent so much time in prayer, alone with the Father.

We, also, must spend time alone with the Lord –in prayer, in worship, and in meditation on the Word of God. Then, and then only, will we be filled up with the Spirit and enabled to go forth and do God’s will. And only as we continue this pattern of life will we come into, remain in, and increase in, that intimate knowledge and relationship with Christ that is required of us.

with love,

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