Believing In Jesus Is Not Enough

November 12, 2013

A believer in Jesus is not necessarily a follower of Jesus or a person who belongs to Him. (Luke 6:46-49 & 13:23-28) Even the demons believe in who Jesus is and what He did for mankind. (Mark 1:23,24 // Ja 2:19) Only believers who hold to Christ’s teachings (John 8:31,51), who listen to God (v. 47), who obey the commandments (Mt 19:17), who do not continue to sin (1 John 3:6-9), and who do what is right and righteous (v. 7,10) are born again (v. 9) and are children of God. (v. 10) “Thus by their fruit [the way they act] you will recognize them.” (Jesus in Mt. 7:20)

Sadly, most circles of “Christianity” do not teach the above. Instead they teach that it is expected that Christ-followers still possess the sinful nature and therefore sin many times a day. They teach this even though the Word of God states clearly that born again people have died to sin (Rom. 6:2), “that our old self was crucified” with Christ (v. 6), and that we have “been freed from sin.” (v. 7) As Gal. 5:24 says, “Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires.”

Jesus has told us that no one can serve / obey / love / follow two masters. (Luke 16:13) Therefore believers in Jesus should not think they can serve Jesus one hour and serve the sinful nature the next hour. When we follow Jesus, it means just that. We cannot turn back (or to the side) to obey the desires of the sinful nature and expect Jesus to be okay with that. He is not okay with that. (9:57-62 & 14:27,33) Anyone who does such a thing has shown hostility toward God. (Rom. 8:5-8) Anyone who is controlled by the sinful nature rather than by the Spirit, does not have the Spirit, which means he therefore does not belong to Christ. (v. 9)

It is not at all enough to believe in Jesus. A person must also follow Him, and follow Him only, and to do so obediently, faithfully, and consistently.

with love,

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