Saeed In Grave New Danger

November 10, 2013

Saeed was suddenly transferred to another prison this last week, one which is notorious for evil. The American Center For Law and Justice (the ACLJ), as well as others, are trying hard to urge national leaders, including President Obama, to diplomatically intervene to save Saeed’s life. We can join the effort by signing a new petition. (See P.S. below.)

Please read this article:

Also, at this article– –the ACLJ is asking that we pray that God will shut the mouths of the lions (those people who can harm or kill) who surround Saeed and that God will rescue him as He rescued Daniel when he was thrown into the lions’ den.

Prayer does change things. But it takes fervent prayer from the hearts and lips of those who are righteous –those who walk according to God’s ways, who follow Christ Jesus, and who are in continual submission to the Holy Spirit. Multitudes of “Christians” are not walking as such, but are instead adhering to worldliness and false gospels; therefore God will not listen to their prayers.

So this is also a call for people, including those who call themselves “Christian”, to repent. –To repent, turn to God, renounce all ungodly ways, words, and thoughts, and to walk clean and pure before God. For only then is God going to listen to our requests.

Saeed needs our help –that we sign this new petition, and especially that we, from clean hearts, call out to God to bring about a miracle for him.

with love,

P.S. Sign the petition to immediately intervene to #SaveSaeed at

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