Commended For Our Faith

November 9, 2013

“These were all commended for their faith.” (Heb. 11:39) Could this be said of us? How about when we have waited and waited and waited for that which has been promised? Whether or not we ever receive the promise on earth, do we maintain strong faith? Will God be able to commend us for the faith we kept concerning those promised things which cannot be seen? “This is what the ancients were commended for.” (v. 2) So must we be, for “without faith it is impossible to please God.” (v. 6)

Faith is being completely assured that what God has said is indeed so, and that it is already taking place or will eventually happen. It doesn’t matter that we cannot see it with our eyes, or if we cannot figure out how He will choose to bring it to pass, or if everything seems to point the exact opposite direction. Do we fear the Lord and obey His Word? (Isa. 50:10) Then we do not need to see anything; we need only to “trust in the name of the LORD and rely on our God.” (same verse)

How do we gain faith? We do so by lifting our eyes to God, asking Him to increase it, and then taking the actions necessary –which is to keep praying for more faith as we put the amount we’ve been given into practice out there in the harvest fields and battlefields. Staying home, with our legs propped up, our hands pushing food into our mouths, and our eyes glued to the T.V., is going to do nothing to increase our faith. But going out into uncomfortable or risky situations and having to rely on the Spirit will certainly increase our faith as our obedience summons God’s power for us.

Besides prayer and obedient service, ingesting the Word of God is also absolutely necessary in order to have increasing faith. In 1 Sam. 30:6 we read, “But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.” How did he do so? He prayed, he sought the word of the Lord, and he acted upon the answer. (v. 7-10) Seeking God’s Word and ingesting it revives anyone who believes it (Ps. 19:7), for God’s Word has the power to give wisdom, joy, and light (v. 7,8), which in turn, encourages and strengthens us to go forward with the guidance of the Spirit.

Therefore, let us strive to be counted among those who were commended for their faith. Even if we still see with our physical eyes absolutely nothing.

with love,

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