The Spirit, The Water, & The Blood Are In The One

November 8, 2013

Jesus invites everyone whose spirits thirst to come to Him to drink. (John 7:37) For He is “the Water of Life” (Rev. 22:17), and by drinking Him we have abundant and eternal life. (John 6:53-63 & 10:10b) Moreover, as the believer drinks, “out of his heart will flow rivers of Living Water” (John 7:38), meaning that Christ’s Spirit will fill him up and overflow unto a life that pleases God in everything. (v. 39 // Gal. 5:16)

It is not enough to go to the Fountain of Life, stand there, and say, “Oh yes, I see what you mean –there is a fountain here, and so yes, I believe it exists.” No, a person must bow down and drink. In fact, he must go down into the Water, submerge himself, and drink. Only then will he be cleansed and made completely new. (2 Kings 5:14 // Rom. 6:3,4)

God says that there is no Rock besides Him (Isa. 44:8) for He “is the Rock Eternal” (26:4) in whom we are to trust. (same verse) There also is no other Rock besides Christ (Mt. 16:18 // Rom. 9:33 // 1 Cor. 10:4), and this is because He is God. (Col. 2:9) When we put our faith in the Rock we have our Source of Living Water. How is that? It is because He was struck. The Rock which Moses struck in the desert so that water poured out for the people to drink and be revived, was Christ (Ex. 17:5-7 // Isa. 48:21 // 1 Cor. 10:4), for the people “drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ.” (1 Cor. 10:4)

However, when the Lord came to earth in the body and was struck as He, on the cross, atoned for the sins of mankind (John 3:14-16), both blood and water flowed out. (19:34) “He did not come [to save us] by the water only, but by the water and the blood.” (1 John 5:6) “The Spirit is the Witness-bearer of this, because the Spirit is the Truth.” (same verse) “For there are three Witness-bearers: the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood; and the Three are in the One.” (v. 7,8, see the Greek)

How then are we forgiven, cleansed, and made new so that we possess Christ and have Life Eternal? We believe in, drink from, and submit to, the One who baptizes us into Himself –He who atoned for and justifies us with His Blood (Rom. 5:9 // Heb. 9:22 & 10:19), who cleanses us with His Water (Ezek. 36:25 // Heb. 10:22 // 1 Peter 3:21), and who rebirths us, as well as fills us, with His Spirit. (Ezek. 36:26,27 // John 3:5-8)

But, continuing to drink, and thereby abiding faithfully in this justification, cleansing, and new birth, is most definitely, as Jesus says, required. (John 6:53-58 & 15:1-10)

with love,

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