Assertions From Psalm 26

November 5, 2013

David, in Ps. 26:1a asserts that he has “led a blameless life” while in verse 11 he states that he continues to do so. Can the rest of us who claim to follow Christ Jesus say the same? What Christian can, with all honesty after searching through his heart and life, profess that he has been blameless in how he has conducted himself? This blamelessness should be the goal of everyone who makes the pledge to give God his life. Yet how foreign this concept seems to be in “Christian” circles.

David goes on: “I have trusted in the LORD without wavering.” (v. 1b) Without wavering? Wow. How many of us can say that?

“Your love is ever before me.” (v. 3a) Seeing and being lighted by God’s love would mean David is abiding in God’s love by obeying His commands. (John 15:9,10)

“I walk continually in Your Truth.” (Ps. 26:3b) Another amazing declaration. Can we, in honesty, claim the same?

In verses 4 and 5 David insists that he does not join in or even associate with those who are deceitful, wicked, or hypocritical. Furthermore, he says that he detests their company. What about us? Do we avoid such people, or do we think nothing of maintaining relationships and alliances with those who are impure, who promote falsehoods, and who show contempt toward “God, the Eternal King” (Jer. 10:10), by breaking His laws?

In verses 6 and 7 of Ps. 26, David states that he keeps himself clean and pure so that he can enter God’s presence to praise Him and thank Him aloud for His incredible works. Are we keeping ourselves clean and pure before God? Or are we repeatedly coming into His presence dirty –maybe asking to be cleansed and forgiven each time, but refusing to turn from those things which are causing defilement?

David goes on to express his love for God’s temple, the dwelling place of His splendor. (v. 8) Do we also express this to God? Do we let Him know how grateful we are to have the privilege of actually being one of His temples? Do we genuinely take joy in this wonder –in being filled with His glorious presence? Or do we shrink back in guilt at the thought and wish He was not always around so that we could commit a few sins now and then without His knowledge?

David’s last claim in this psalm is that he, while standing on level ground, praises the Lord before crowds of worshippers. (v. 12) What about us? Are we standing secure on the Firm Foundation (1 Peter 2:6), praising our Savior confidently and in full faith, and in order to be heard by many others? Or do we remain quiet about the deeds and attributes of God as if we are ashamed of Him?

2 Cor. 13:5 commands us to examine and test ourselves so that we will recognize if we are abiding in the faith, the Truth. If we are, then we will be able to make the same assertions that David makes in Ps. 26. If we cannot truthfully claim these things, then we are not in submission to God, we are not followers of Jesus or His teachings, we are not ruled by the Holy Spirit, and we therefore are not children of God. (Rom. 8:9 // 1 John 3:10)

with love,

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