Apostatizing From Christ To Catholicism

October 30, 2013

When people turn from honoring God’s Word as their highest authority and turn to believe Catholicism’s teachings which insist that “the Church” and the church “fathers” are a higher authority than the authority of God’s Word, what have such apostates done? They have committed treason against Christ. They have turned from His Truth, turning instead to the authority of men and to the authority of “the Church”, as well as to worship, service, and devotion directed, not to Christ Jesus alone, but to Mary, the saints, the “church fathers”, and “the Church” itself. Such a thing is idolatry, the worship of false gods; and false gods are lifeless deities which demons jump at the chance to impersonate. Thereby idolators deny Christ’s authority, the authority of His Spirit, and the authority of His Word. What grave wickedness. Yet in their “pious” hearts, these apostates claim to have more knowledge than those of us who won’t bow to anyone but Christ.

There are, undoubtably, Catholics who love the Lord and search for the Truth in spite of being surrounded and informed by that religion only. Many of these may not have had opportunity to read the Scriptures for themselves, they may not have the Scriptures in their own language, they may be very poor and have to share one Bible amongst several villages, or they may not even know how to read. Or, maybe, slaving away in some factory just to put food on the table, they may truly have very little time or energy to study God’s Word. Or maybe they believe God wants them, for the sake of peace in the home, to attend Catholic services. Therefore, and because we know that God is patient, we cannot say, “No Catholic belongs to the Lord.”

However, for those who have had plenty of time and opportunity to study God’s Word for themselves, and who have even gone to Bible school, there is no excuse for them to turn from the Truth of God’s Word to the false and idolatrous teachings of Catholicism. Along with the teachers of the law who studied the Scriptures yet mixed in their own teachings, including that of demanding honor for themselves (Luke 20:46), “such men will be punished most severely.” (v. 47) Rejecting Jesus’ very clear command to not call anyone on earth Rabbi, Master, Teacher, or Father (Mt. 23:8-10), or to consider anyone as such except God and Christ (same verses), Catholicism commands people to call their priests “Father” and to honor “the Church” as more authoritative than “Christ, our one and only Teacher.” (See v. 10) If that isn’t idolatry, what is?! Therefore those who teach falsehoods “will be punished more severely.” (v. 14)

But, as in Jeremiah’s day, “the priests rule by their own authority” (Jer. 5:31) and by the authority of “the Church”, and the people eagerly participate in the idolatrous and worthless customs of the peoples (same verse & 10:3) while honoring lifeless images that are but a fraud. (10:14) Praying to a dead woman as they rub beads, and bowing “down to a block of wood” (Isa. 44:19) –a statue of her or another saint– the deluded and deceived cannot seem to acknowledged that that which they consider their savior, comforter, or helper, is just a lifeless lie. (v. 20 // Ps. 115:4-8) Ridiculous and damnable! (Jer. 10:15)

Are Christ-followers to befriend people who have committed deliberate and willful treason against Christ, His teachings, His Spirit, His Word? Absolutely not. (2 Cor. 6:14-18) Friendship with apostates is friendship with those who have, by their own insolence, turned back to the Lie. Such people are adulterers against Christ, and if we chum up with them, we ourselves share in their enmity toward God (Ja. 4:4) and in their damning gospel. (Gal. 1:6-9 // 2 John 1:9-11) People who willfully turn from the Truth of God’s Word to the teachings of any other authority are idol-worshippers. They serve and bow to someone or something other than God. (Luke 16:13) Thereby they crucify Christ all over again, subjecting Him to public disgrace. (Heb. 6:6) They have disrespected the Covenant of Truth by trampling Christ the Truth (10:29), and are thus destined to be punished with great severity. (same verse)

Such people ARE to be judged, exposed, and expelled from the midst of genuine believers. (1 Cor. 5:12,13) Otherwise their false teaching will spread like gangrene. (v. 6-11 // 2 Tim. 2:17) We are to have nothing to do with them (1 Cor. 5:11 // Titus 3:10) for such people are warped, sinful, and self-condemned. (Titus 3:11)

If people want to send themselves to an eternity of severe punishment, they should not take pride in their foolish choice nor attempt to proselytize others to join them in their submission to men instead of to Christ alone. Rather, these idolators should get on their knees and cry out to God to deliver them from deception, and they should do so before they lead anyone else, including their own children, to the place assigned to hypocrites, that place of eternal banishment from God and all that is good –that place of eternal punishment and torment.

But alas, Catholicism teaches its adherents another doctrine completely foreign to Scripture –Purgatory –a place where a person can be prayed out of, or bought out of, into Heaven. So really, the motivation to remain in the Truth becomes significantly less important. More important, apparently, is to join the ranks of the Lie, because anything, they seem to reason, is better than submitting to Christ and His “difficult” commands. –Like those commands that require the slaying of Self and self-rule, and the command that we are to have no other gods, but God Himself. Is it because people feel a compelling need to worship something tangible and visible and to obey someone they can hear with their ears rather than with their spirit? It seems so. Why else would they bow to images, use rosaries, and insist that men’s teachings (and priest’s and husband’s commands) overrule the teachings of Jesus and of those writers who, in writing under the inspiration of the Spirit of God Himself, confirmed, not contradicted, the teachings of Christ?

Truly, people who have turned from the Truth of God’s Word, especially those who should know better, are like those who have gone back to the corruption of the Lie and all that is of the Lie –the world, sin, Self, the doctrines of demons, etc. They are those who, like dogs, have returned to their vomit (2 Peter 2:22) and because they have apostatized, are worse off at the end than they were before they came to the Truth. (v. 20,21) They have made themselves enemies of Christ (Luke 11:23 // Phil. 3:18,19) –again. Such people will be punished most severely. (Mt. 3:7-12 & 25:24-30 // Luke 12:47,48)

with love,

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